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The enrollment period 2019-2020 for the seventh edition of the Master in Architecture and Design and the Master Advance in Architecture, Design and Innovation is now open, as well as the postgraduates in Applied Architecture and Design and Digital Innovation.

The Master in Architecture and Design lasts one year. It aims to establish a direct connection with the praxis of architecture and/or design. The process of learning develops by following practical activities that allow to systematize and apply technical knowledge to the development of different phases of professional activity. This knowledge is then widened with the direct experience of acknowledged and prestigious professionals that participate in the Master programme. This master includes a trip to Barcelona, ​​Oporto and Milan.

The Master MArch Advance in Architecture, Design and Innovation is also one year. This master seeks to provide the student with an exclusive architectural training enriched with an intense practical activity, carried out in the facilities of Valencia during the course, and through a workshop in Porto in July and another reference workshop during August. All this is complemented by five international trips, three of them in Europe and the other two intercontinental ones, with the aim of knowing works and projects of the most influential architects of the world. All this is complemented with three international trips, two of them in Europe, where one is at the Venice Biennale, and another intercontinental, this year the destination will be Japan. The Master Advance also includes the trips to Barcelona, ​​Oporto and Milan, all with the aim of getting to know the works and projects of the most influential architects in the world.

The postgraduate courses are less than one year.

The Postgraduate in Applied Architecture is for eight months, and it offers professional opportunities for two defined profiles: young professionals with recently acquired certificates and experienced practitioners. The aim of the programme is to learn – through practical activities – an efficient working method to develop an architect’s work within the professional praxis. In this, communication is an essential tool. This is done while directly meeting different experiences of internationally recognized practitioners that participate in the programme. Includes the trips to Barcelona and Oporto.

The Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation is for six months and it aims to develop a working system that allows to recognize different working opportunities related with design as a profession. A practical work that combines several action fields, such as product design, interior design or the production of video and images. It is important that these working pathways are intimately related to the entrepreneurial and industrial networks, a key point within the postgraduate programme. Includes the trip to Milan.

If you have any questions or you don’t know which program is better for your situation, we will be happy to help you. Just write us an email to or a WhatsApp to 601109365.