Venice is one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life, in my case it was the second time I walked on its streets. It is a city in which every corner, street or canal has a history and a beauty that captures you.

In this trip we mainly visited the Biennial of Architecture 2018 and I have to admit that I was surprised and captivated by all that architecture together and each one so different under the same motto, being this «Free Space». Personally I think it has been a great opportunity to learn and enjoy seeing how each country shows its way of understanding architecture and its future and tries to express it in the same space.


I have to highlight the Nordic pavilion of Sverre Fehn both as a pavilion and exhibition and the one of Indonesia, Philippines or Argentina.


A few years ago, the organization of the Biennial decided not to demolish the Álvaro Siza pavilion and thanks to that we could contemplate that great sculpture that plays with geometry, lights and shadows to give life and the feeling of intimacy to this piece.


In addition, we visited the Vatican Chapels, a selection of architects who, in the same space outside, created different chapels, which with their different designs and materialization transmitted to you the search for a quiet and peaceful place.

While we were touring the most important venues of Venice such as St. Mark’s Square, Querini Stampalia Foundation, the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal … we could enjoy the cuisine and the daily life of the city taking advantage of all the hours.


After visiting the Biennale, visiting the streets and canals of Venice or tasting the gastronomy, I have to emphasize that, without the company, this trip would not have been the same. Thanks MArch.