During the last weeks in MArch we have held a product design workshop directed by Nacho Lavernia, co-founder of the Lavernia&Cienfuegos studio, focused on both industrial and graphic design projects (publishing, corporate identity, packaging, websites, etc….).

His Valencia-based studio has received recognition with national, LAUS, DELTA, AEPD and international awards, the TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Design Plus, The Dieline and Interior Innovation. Nacho Lavernia is also a National Design Award winner.

During the workshop, we were able to enjoy a presentation on his career and the latest projects of his studio.

In addition, Nacho proposed a practical exercise to the students whose purpose is to launch a product on the market that offers more than a bottle or a jug under the slogan’drink words’. A concept, a process, a therapy. Where the students expressed their ideas and the concepts they had previously learned. These are some of the proposed projects.


Ricardo Lyon,Daniel Uribe,Sruthy Lakkimsetty, Ali Mirpour, Ricardo Vidal, Paulo Alvarado, Jaehwan Lee Javier Briones, Domingo Galán, Rosa Juanes Gloria Herranz, Andrea ZavalaMagda Puigserver, Neus Roso


MArch. Master in Architecture, Design and Innovation

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