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Cid to Rocafort, 10 metro stops, busy humans all over… my favorite mornings.

At first it is all shaggy below earth level and sooner I find myself out and about; old mentions, fields greener than ever, sunrise over the horizon… can you imagine it? That walk I take straight to Espai A lfaro drives me crazy homesick, but then again, I am home.

Home is when Dalia greets you with a Buenos Dias or Hola, qué tal? And when Groupo-02- gathers at the gate with these two cheeks kisses that still bothers me because I’m used to three of them back in Lebanon. Random subjects just so we get to our March classroom, everyone seated our day starts: whatever the course is, trust me, without any cheesiness, teachers here rocks!

From 9h till 14h, six hours of pure bliss, focusing, talking, debating, learning and growing, yes, growing! Being taught that life is not a comic book until you make it one is the ultimate teaching goal. No superstitions nor delusions just facing what life gives you and making the best out of it.

It is indeed a place like no other, take it from its location: beautiful Rocafort (if I were you I’d google it) with it’s houses and gardens and small roads, the forgotten villas that throw in you the urge to jump over the fence and let your curiosity lead you (oh Clumsy Christie where are you), the wandering feeling that hits every time you meet one of these closed one direction headed roads in it… or even that one time Ira and I decided to just go around none stop, looking for that special corner to have lunch and yes we loved the gardens more than our food ha!

You know that feeling when the ultimate feels so far away but then again you find it right there next to you? That is MArch to me, to us all!

A true once in a lifetime chance, that I decided to take, leaving all that is now behind me and moving forward, always, driven by amazing very supportive teachers and friends, from everywhere in this world, literally every corner of this world. Mastering what I love without any sense of defeat or maybe just teaching myself that falling is practicing; you never lose, you just learn.

MArch is slowly shaping me into who I’m supposed to be and not what this world wants me to be. This era is basically cloning and copy-pastes here and there, following the same old steps of God knows who, blinded by the social fever. UEV is a place that throws all these misleading roads away, so far away, asking you to build yourself from, with and thru what you love most. I remember when Maria told us back in our first class that it’ll be very interesting and intriguing, but we will fall in love with it because it might change our lives forever… well it already has, at least for me! This journey within MArch is only two months old now, yet I feel small changes in myself already! No joke, it is one hell of anexperience!

Valencia is currently my home and will be for the next nine months, I will surely grow and bloom because that is what you do at 23yo and the only thing I’ve got to tell myself at this point is, YALLA just MArch.

Nai Bassile