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Trip to Milan. Master in Architecture and Design and Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation

octubre 15, 2020 By Sin categoría

Last week the students of the Master in Architecture and Design, and those of the Postgraduate Programme in Design and Digital Innovation traveled to Milan to visit the city at its Milano Design City 2020 event, dedicated to the culture of design and innovation , with special attention to the redesign of urban spaces, sustainability and the circular economy.

During the stay in the city, we were able to visit the showrooms of Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Flou, Molteni & Dada, B&B, Porro, Rimadesio, Flos, Lago, Artemide and Flexform. We are very grateful to all the brands for taking the time to give us a guided tour.

We also saw some of the most important and touristy buildings and places in the city, such as the Piazza del Duomo, the Bocconi School of Management of the SANAA architectural firm, the Bosco Verticale, the Fondazione Feltrinelli or Navigli, the canal district of Milan.

Milano 2020. Antonio Lupi | Photography: Sara Atienza

Milano 2020. Navigli | Photography: Sara Atienza
Milano 2020. Bocconi School of Managment | Barrio de los canales Navigli: Sara Atienza
Milano 2020. Antonio Lupi | Photography: Sara Atienza
Milano 2020. Flos | Photography: Sara Atienza
Milano 2020. Bosco Verticale | Photography: Sara Atienza
Milano 2020. Boffi | Photography: Sara Atienza