Álvaro Siza receives the order for a new wing for Serralves



The Álvaro Siza Wing stands in the landscape of the Serralves Park as a fully integrated structure, avoiding imposing itself with grandiose architectural pretensions. Rather, it is presented as an expression of natural growth, like a new branch emerging from a tree. This building encapsulates two different forms of collection.

First of all, Serralves becomes the epicenter that houses possibly the most significant collection of buildings designed by the renowned architect Álvaro Siza. This underlines that the institution’s mission, in terms of architecture, involves not only curation, but also the very creation of a constructed collection. On the other hand, this building will not only be a component of this “built collection”, but will also house a diverse range of collections of works of art. These include the Serralves Collection, the CACE Collection, the BPP Collection and numerous collections in storage, such as FLAD and Leal Ríos, among others, covering a spectrum of more than 4,500 works of art and architectural archives, such as those of the architect Álvaro Siza himself.

Consequently, the new building will play a fundamental role in hosting exhibitions dedicated to both the Serralves Collection, which will be exhibited in a more dynamic and permanent way, and Architecture, one of the strategic pillars of Serralves’ mission.

The new space is made up of three levels, one for archives and two for exhibitions. This expansion provides an additional 44% of exhibition space and 75% more reserve space. This expansion will facilitate, on the one hand, the receipt of new donations and deposits, and the continuous improvement of the Serralves Collection. On the other hand, it will allow the presentation of a unique narrative around Portuguese architecture and contemporary art, connecting them with international artists and movements, thus enriching the context and dialogue with them.


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