Ibán Ramón chosen to create the Falles de València brand

Ibán Ramón, the prominent Valencian designer and MArch lecturer who has recently been awarded several Laus awards, has been selected to design the corporate brand "Falles de València".

MArch Students Finished Projects: BBOA

Last year the publishing house General Ediciones de Arquitectura, better known as TC Cuadernos, published a monograph in which different projects carried out by former MArch students were collected.


Valencia, UNESCO City of Design

As stated by the Design Foundation of the Valencian Community, and after having held the World Design Capital in 2022, the city of Valencia has become part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network since this November.

La Rioja

Emilio Tuñón and Barozzi Veiga at the La Rioja Heritage Conference

The Emilio Tuñón National Architecture Prize and the Mies Van Der Rohe Barozzi/Veiga Prize, both MArch speakers, have been the subject of study at the XXII Heritage Intervention Conference held in La Rioja and which have focused on the small scale , going from a hotel to a house.


Lecture by Emilio Tuñón

In summary, the Tuñón + Mansilla project seeks to fuse modernity and history, providing a contemporary space for the exhibition and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Spanish monarchy, contributing significantly to the revitalization of this important heritage.

Workshop Thinking Through Making

Starting the M02_Research, and led by Gino Brollo, member of the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio and part of the team in charge of the creative development of NIU Houses, the Thinking Through Making Workshop took place these days.

Iconos del diseño de AD

MArch in AD Design Icons

In the 19th edition of AD Design Icons, the MArch School alumni Juan David Ocampo has been nominated, among other candidates. With Menguante, a Lighting design proposal that seeks to involve traditional crafts and techniques, but at the same time merge them with the industry, he has obtained this selection from one of the most recognized editorial media.

vicent molins

Vicent Molins in MArch

After Elena Regadera's intervention, the next presentation given in the Center Octubre auditorium and corresponding to the M1_Comunicar module was given by Vicent Molins.

elena regadera

Lecture by Elena Regadera

This week presentations by two experts took place who, although from different fields or points of view, contribute their knowledge to the M1_Comunicar module. The first of them has been in charge of Elena Regadera.


MArch Advanced students’ trip to Venice

The one to Venice has been the first trip of those who make up the MArch Advanced program in this 2023 2024 academic year. In these first days of November we traveled to the capital of Veneto to visit the Architecture Biennale, which closes its doors in the coming weeks , as well as to learn about contemporary projects carried out in the city and part of its history.

modelo de negocio

M07_Business model

Within the MArch program in architecture, design and business administration, the first class related to the Business Model has been taught. It focuses on a fundamental aspect for the proper development of a study, whether architecture or design, delving into the steps of a business plan and resorting to real cases for a better approach to the results.

composición digital

Digital Composition Class

Throughout the course, classes related to graphic aspects linked to both architecture and design are developed, transmitting to students the knowledge necessary for good work in points that are considered of special relevance.

community management

Module 01_Communicate: Community Management Sessions

Within the 01_Communicate module, the students of this new edition of MArch have begun to delve deeper and work on Community Management strategies.


Estudi{H}ac recognized as National Designer in the 2023 Interiors Award

Last week the Estudi{H}ac team, speakers and coordinators of a workshop at MArch, led by José Manuel Ferrero, were recognized with the 2023 Interiores Award for National Designer.

alfaro hofmann collection

Alfaro Hofmann Collection

The Espai Alfaro, headquarters of the MArch programs, is also home to one of the most attractive design museums in terms of content. This is the Alfaro Hofmann Collection, made up of more than 8,000 pieces that generate a narrative about the culture of everyday objects and allow us to understand how design enters our homes.


Álvaro Siza receives the order for a new wing for Serralves

The Álvaro Siza Wing stands in the landscape of the Serralves Park as a fully integrated structure, avoiding imposing itself with grandiose architectural pretensions. Rather, it is presented as an expression of natural growth, like a new branch emerging from a tree. This building encapsulates two different forms of collection.

ponencia de fran silvestre

Lecture by Fran Silvestre at MArch

The renowned architect and director of the MArch programs, recently awarded three German Design Awards, has been in charge of giving the first presentation of those that make up the 2023 2024 academic year. It took place in the auditorium of the Center Octubre, also inaugurating this space in the context of the school.


Architecture trip to Porto, what to visit?

The city of Porto is one of the best-known Portuguese cities around the world. Its decadent character gives it great beauty, since it houses authentic jewels of contemporary architecture, and is also the birthplace of two Pritkzer prizes, which is very unusual: Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura.

2023 2024

MArch 2023 2024 begins

On the 13th, the welcome session for the 2023 2024 academic year of the MArch Valencia school's master's and postgraduate programs took place. In it, the students were informed about how the course will operate, how the groups have been structured and where and how the different sessions that will take place in the coming months will take place.

Máster MArch Advanced

What professional opportunities does studying the MArch Advanced Master’s in Architecture, Design and Business Administration provide?

Specializing through the MArch Advanced Master’s in Architecture, Design and Business Administration is a very good option that allows you to develop and practice the profession from different points of view. Below we list the most frequent professional opportunities or the most common applications.

sabater house

New project by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Sabater House

The house, which is presented as a continuous dialogue with the exterior, consists of four architectural elements that descend, adapting to the slope of the land and that suggest the geometries that we often find in nature. These geometries, in turn, seek to overcome the vegetation of the plot in order to preserve it.


Lavernia & Cienfuegos for ECOALF and RNB

The award-winning and renowned design studio Lavernia & Cienfuegos, regular collaborators of MArch, has recently undertaken a very interesting project behind which there are two outstanding brands in their corresponding sectors.

Iberê Camargo

Iberê Camargo celebrates its 15th anniversary

The Iberê Camargo Foundation Museum now celebrates 25 years since the competition for its construction was resolved (1998) and 15 years since the works were completed and it was inaugurated. These began in 2003 and lasted until 2008.

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Eduardo Souto de Moura receives the Gold Medal of the BBAA Circle

The Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid has decided to award the Gold Medal to the Portuguese Pritzker Prize winner Eduardo Souto de Moura. From this prestigious institution they want to recognize, on behalf of the world of culture and the arts, an entire career dedicated to architecture and a work that reaches the dimension of poetry based on the acceptance of the technical demands of construction.

New project from the Norman Foster Foundation

The MArch Valencia graduate school in architecture and design has recently been invited to the presentation event of the latest project promoted by the Norman Foster Foundation, which also consists of an educational program that will be a reality starting next year 2024.

Agència Districte designs the programming of Mercado de la imprenta

The multidisciplinary team of Agència Districte, led by Vicent Molins, who is also a MArch lecturer, has to its credit the design of the programming of different cultural spaces that have soon become spaces of influence in the city, such as the Convent Carmen in València or Els Magazinos in Dénia.

MArch 2022-2023 Clousure ceremony

Yesterday one of the most anticipated events of the year took place: the closing ceremony of the 2022-2023 academic year. A day full of emotions and achievements that underlines the dedication and constant effort of all students.

Event | NIU Houses, Porcelanosa, Gandia Blasco Group and Range Rover

The city of Valencia is preparing this September to be an international showcase, driven by a series of exceptional events that will surround the next edition of the Valencia Furniture Fair.

aires mateus

Workshop with Aires Mateus for MArch Advanced students

During the last week, the students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration are doing the last workshop of the course, which takes place in Lisbon, in the studio of the renowned and award-winning architect Manuel Aires Mateus.


TC brand redesign

The designer David Cercós, linked for years to the publishing house General Ediciones de Arquitectura, has been in charge of the redesign of the brand of two of its most important series: TC Cuadernos and TC Prospectiva.

Ibán Ramón for Pirotecnia Vulcano

The award-winning Valencian designer and MArch speaker Ibán Ramón has designed the catalog of Pirotecnia Vulcano, an avant-garde Spanish fireworks show company.

Exhibition on Siza and Niemeyer in Matosinhos

A photography exhibition by José Roberto Bassul titled Siza & Oscar: para além do mar (Siza and Óscar: Beyond the Sea) opened on September 7 at the Casa de Arquitectura de Matosinhos.

Casa en Castelo Melhor

New project. House in Castelo Melhor de Correia/Ragazzi

The Porto-based Italo-Portuguese studio Correia/Ragazzi, led by award-winning architects and also MArch speakers Graça Correia and Roberto Ragazzi, has recently completed a new project called House in Castelo Melhor.r

The legacy of Andreu Alfaro

It is a collection of sculptures made between 1958 and the beginning of the 2000s in which you can contemplate the creative evolution of this artist, the materials with which he worked, the references from which he drew, what inspired him and how he developed a sculpture that led him to be considered one of the greatest exponents of minimalism.

San Museum

Extension at the San Museum by Tadao Ando

The acclaimed Japanese architect and Pritzker Prize winner Tadao Ando, who once designed the San Museum in Weonju, South Korea in 2013, has now carried out a new intervention to expand its facilities.

Communication in Digital Media: A Crucial Strategic Factor for Innovation in the Architecture and Design Sector

Today, communication has established itself as a fundamental component in the architecture and design sector, playing an increasingly strategic role in the innovation and positioning of companies.

Barreiro House. New project by Manuel Aires Mateus

In the town of Barreiro, in Setúbal, the remains of two old warehouses, unified into a single space, are integrated in the project as the outer enclosure of the house. Outside, the ruin appearance and the traces of the past are maintained.

Andreu World Architecture Days

The Valencian furniture brand Andreu World has organized the Andreu World Architecture Days event for next September 15 and it will be a specialized congress that will revolve around six thematic areas: work spaces, health spaces, educational and cultural spaces, spaces hotels, sports venues and new city models.

Lebond Siza

The Portuguese Pritzker Álvaro Siza, in addition to architecture and sculpture, has also delved into product design throughout his career. He has designed furniture, such as chairs and tables, as well as lighting objects such as lamps, but this time the challenge that has been proposed to him has focused on a smaller object.

Restoration of Castell de Raymat by Francesc Rifé

The renowned interior designer Francesc Rifé, who recently visited MArch to share his projects with our students, is the author of the intervention that has been carried out in the Castell de Raymat, in Lleida, to condition it and adapt it to the needs of the current owners.

The Crystal Residence. Alba De la Fuente in collaboration with Andrés Reisinger

The architect Alba de la Fuente, in collaboration with Andrés Reisinger, have presented a new virtual house, the second of its kind. It has been named The Crystal Residence and succeeds The Winter House, moving to the other extreme: from a snowy environment, they have now moved to a desert environment.

Gimeno Gràfic and the new brand of L’ETNO

The renowned Gimeno Gràfic studio, headed by the National Design Award winner, Pepe Gimeno, has developed the new graphic identity of the Valencian Museum of Ethnology, established in 1982 with the aim of collecting popular and traditional Valencian culture and recently turned 40 years old.

Kengo Kuma + Fendi

The renowned Japanese architect joins the prestigious luxury brand Fendi to tackle, in a particular way, a small-scale but highly important project: the redesign of the most representative products of this Italian house.

Happy Summer

From the entire MArch team, Happy Summer!

Portuguese Architects: Stand Out on the International Panorama and Win the Pritzker

In recent decades, Portugal has proven to be a cradle of architectural talent, with several of its architects standing out on the international scene and obtaining recognition such as the prestigious Pritzker Prize. The Pritzker Prize, often referred to as the "Nobel for Architecture", has been awarded to two Portuguese architects to date, evidencing the caliber and influence of Portuguese architecture on the world stage.

Artificial Intelligence breaks into the world of architecture and design with revolutionary results

It is estimated that the evolution of artificial intelligence in the architecture and design sector and its application in this field will increase considerably. When talking about artificial intelligence, we refer to the use of technological applications that simulate the intellectual capacity of humans.

Arquia Foundation Scholarship Results

The Arquia Foundation has already announced the results of the scholarships for its 24th edition, in which candidates opt to carry out internships in some twenty architecture studios from all over Europe and to expand their training in the United States, at the Royal Academy, in various Spanish ministries, on the Ultzama Campus and at the MArch Valencia Graduate School.

Ideas to get away in summer and get to know architecture in the Iberian Peninsula

In this month of August of academic inactivity, we consider the possibility of traveling as long as we are still connected to architecture. Among the architects that are part of the MArch programs, we found that some of them have developed projects that have subsequently been used as vacation spaces.

Barozzi Veiga designs the new DYNAFIT headquarters

In Kiefersfelden, Germany, the DYNAFIT company has commissioned the Barozzi Veiga studio, speakers at MArch, to design its new headquarters, which will be known as the DYNAFIT Speed Factory, designed to attract mountain athletes.

OAB is recognized with the Best Hotel Architecture Award

The EDITION hotel designed by OAB in collaboration with Ruiz-Larrea Arquitectura has been awarded the Best Hotel Architecture Award in recognition of the best hotel architecture project in Spain, within the framework of the International Property Awards.

Manuel Aires Mateus invested Doctor Honoris Causa

On June 20, the Faculdade de Arquitetura de la Ulisboa, at the Rainha Sonja da Noruega Auditorium, celebrated the awarding ceremony of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Manuel Aires Mateus. Domingos Tavares also received the same distinction on the spot.

T{H}e design atelier, an exhibition by Estudi{H}ac

At the next Hábitat València fair, which will take place between September 19 and 22, José Manuel Ferrero's studio will present a retrospective in which the products that Estudi{H}ac has designed over the last 20 years will be exhibited.

Difference between industrialized, systematized and modular architecture: Optimization in construction

In the world of architecture and construction, innovation and the search for more efficient methods are constantly developing. In this context, three approaches stand out for their ability to transform the construction industry: industrialized, systematized and modular architecture.

Debate from the last book by Vicent Molins

The book "València, el relat d'una ciutat", written by Vicent Molins through a series of interviews carried out in recent years with professionals from different fields such as Fran Silvestre, Andrés Alfaro Hofmann or José María Yturralde, was recently presented.

Aires Mateus lecture

AYesterday, MArch students had the honor of receiving Manuel Aires Mateus, one of the most prominent Portuguese architects on the current scene. His career in architecture began in 1985, working in the studio of Gonçalo Byrne.


Visit to the Nerinea facilities

This week the MArch students have traveled to the Nerinea headquarters to learn about the product they develop.

History and evolution of design with Andrés Alfaro

The work of Andrés Alfaro Hofmann as a collector during the last decades has earned him extensive knowledge in the field of design and, particularly, in product design..

New project by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos: Casa Álamo

The proposal, located on a plot in Madrid with a certain height, has a flight towards the landscape in its diagonal direction. The impossibility of fitting the program into a single floor forces us to create a house on two levels, but we wanted the holes to produce a certain sense of continuity.

Souto de Moura receives the Gold Medal of the BBAA Circle

Considered one of the most important cultural centers on the continent, the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid has distinguished the Portuguese architect and Pritzker Prize winner Eduardo Souto de Moura with the Gold Medal.

Graduation course 2022-2023

On Saturday, July 8, the graduation of the postgraduate programs of the European University took place, among which were the master's and postgraduate programs offered by the MArch Valencia school.

Lecture Francesc Rife

Francesc Rifé, a renowned designer and interior designer, shared his knowledge last week in an inspiring presentation to the students. During his visit, Rifé enthusiastically conveyed his experiences and perspectives, providing valuable insight into the world of architecture and design. Rifé, based in Barcelona but with projects around the world, is one of the most prominent figures in the world of interior design..

What trips are included in the MArch Advanced?

The MArch Advanced Master in Architecture, Design and Business Administration is a program that focuses on an MBA part focused on architecture and design. But, in addition to that, to complement this training, it has a series of trips that take place throughout the course.

Product workshop with Lavernia&Cienfuegos

For yet another year, the Lavernia&Cienfuegos studio has given a product workshop for students of the MArch Advanced master's degree in architecture, design and business administration, the MArch master's degree in architecture, design and innovation and the MArch postgraduate degree in design and digital innovation.

H premieres, a new production of DVEIN Films

H is a film directed by Carlos Pardo, one of the two components -along with Teo Guillem- of the creative studio Dvein, which also has the production company DVEIN Films. Through it, viewers will learn about the episode that ended H's life during the San Fermines of 1969.

Light workshop awards with Arkoslight

This Friday the presentation of the projects carried out by the MArch students as a result of the light workshop directed by Arkoslight takes place. The exercise, consisting of the distribution and lighting design of a restaurant located in Milan, was raised during the visit to the central facilities of Arkoslight.

The Marés Pools by Álvaro Siza

With the beginning of summer, and in these days in which the 90th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese Pritzker laureate Álvaro Siza is commemorated, it is a good moment to talk about one of his most representative projects. Located in Leça da Palmeira (Matosinhos), to the north of the city of Porto but very close to it, they were built between 1961 and 1966, thus being a project belonging to Siza's early days as an architect.

Visit to Living Ceramics

The students have traveled to Villarreal to visit the factory and the showroom of the Living Ceramics company. Accompanied by Lavinia Lancu, a former MArch student, they have been able to learn about the latest news from their catalogue, as well as different ceramic solutions for the home and the different formats they produce.

Microarchitecture Workshop

As every year, Estudi{H}ac presents the Microarchitectures workshop, which asks MArch students to develop an exercise focused on Retail or interior design for commercial spaces.

José Manuel Ferrero, from Estudi{H}ac, lecturer in MArch

The creative José Manuel Ferrero, CEO of Estudi{H}ac, who received the award for Best Industrial Designer and the Best of the Year Awards, has shared some of his projects with the MArch students.

Happy 90th birthday Alvaro Siza

The renowned Pritzker laureate Álvaro Siza, one of the most influential contemporary architects, turns 90 on June 25 and both the world of architecture and the city of Porto are celebrating.

Solid Surface Workshop

In collaboration with the company Parma Creaciones, and with the contributions and experience of its manager, Francisco Pardo, the Solid Surface workshop has taken place in the workshops of Espai Alfaro.

Design modules in the MArch Postgraduate in design and digital innovation

In these weeks the students of the MArch postgraduate course in design and digital innovation are studying module 05, in which they have already started with sessions focused on graphic design.

Presentation by Pepe Gimeno and workshop by Gimeno Gràfic

Yesterday at MArch there was a presentation given by the National Design Award winner Pepe Gimeno, who shared with the students some of his most relevant projects created throughout his career.

MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture: Connecting Architecture and Industry

This innovative program offers students comprehensive training through practical activities that systematize and apply technical knowledge to the development of the different phases of the industrial process, from initial prototyping to the execution of work and quality control.

Presentation by the award-winning designer Ibán Ramón

This week, MArch students have had the honor of welcoming Ibán Ramón, one of the most distinguished and awarded graphic designers of the moment. With prestigious awards such as the LAUS, the awards from the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV), Gràffica, the Type Directors Club of New York, and the Red Dot Design Award.

Interior Design Workshop

These days, the interior design workshop given by Ricardo Candela, project director of the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, is taking place at MArch, from where he has developed numerous interior design projects that he now shares with the students.

Ibán Ramón wins four new LAUS award

The renowned designer Ibán Ramón, MArch lecturer who will be with us this week, has recently been awarded four new Laus awards, taking silver in the Vinyl/Records category and three bronzes in posters and periodicals.

Architecture visits with Portoacademy

This week the students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration travel to Sweden to start a new edition of the Portoacademy workshop, which this year takes place in the Scandinavian country. It is divided into two cities, Stockholm and Växjö.

Contemporary architecture in Switzerland, what to visit?

Switzerland is an extremely interesting country for many reasons, and one of these is the excellent quality of the architecture built in our time. Although it is not easy to make a brief summary of what to visit, it is true that it is possible to generate tours focused on a single city.

Visit to Arkoslight

The students have traveled to the Arkoslight headquarters to learn about its facilities and products. They have toured the company's central offices, designed by Francesc Rifé, and in addition to learning about its catalog of lighting solutions, they have faced the challenge of resolving a space by inserting luminaires.

Souto de Moura designs the exhibition in tribute to Paulo Mendes da Rocha

The prestigious Pritzker prize-winning architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, in collaboration with Nuno Graça, has designed an exhibition around the figure of one of the most notable Brazilian architects, Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

The Royal Collections of Tuñón + Mansilla opens its doors

During the days in which the students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration have been visiting the 18th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, they have also taken the opportunity to learn about some of the projects carried out in recent years in the city .

Punta della Dogana by Tadao Ando

During the days in which the students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration have been visiting the 18th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, they have also taken the opportunity to learn about some of the projects carried out in recent years in the city .

Interior design session with Andrés Alfaro Hofmann

Within module 05_Interior Design, the renowned interior designer Andrés Alfaro Hofmann, author of numerous projects of both a residential and retail nature, and one of the most famous collectors of product design in the world, has given a session on the practice of interior design.

Kengo Kuma in Venice: Onomatopoeia Architecture

The renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma participates in this 18th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale with an installation located in Palazzo Cavalli, in front of the Accademia bridge, which complements all the architectural criticism offered during these months you can enjoy in this city.

Open Session of the postgraduate course in Industrialized Architecture

On June 14, the Universidad Europea celebrates an Open Day in which an Open Session will be held focused on the MArch postgraduate course in Industrialized Architecture.

Dvein’s Workshop in MArch

These days, the Dvein creative studio has shared its projects with the students of the MArch Advanced master's degree in architecture, design and business administration, the students of the MArch master's degree in architecture, design and innovation and the students of the MArch postgraduate degree in design and digital innovation.

Andreu Alfaro in Venice

The work of the sculptor Andreu Alfaro is closely related to architecture and the proof of this is that in most cases, he conceived the sculptures with the public space in mind. It is precisely this relationship with architecture that led him to leave a piece permanently in Venice, and which can be enjoyed with each edition of the biennale.

Trip to the Venice Biennale 2023

The students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration have been these days in the city of Venice to visit the 18th International Architecture Biennale, learning first-hand about the proposals and concerns of each of the participating nations.

Foodscapes: The Spanish pavilion at the 2023 Biennale

Within the framework of the 18th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, entitled The laboratory of the future and curated by Lesley Lokko, Spain has presented an exhibition called Foodscapes, with the subtitle "When we eat, we digest territories", designed by Manuel Ocaña and Eduardo Castillo-Vinuesa, and which delves into the food engine of Europe within an agro-architectural context.

The Eco Campus Azucarera of the UGR is presented

The University of Granada is celebrating after the presentation of the Eco Campus Azucarera, with which it will see its facilities expanded.

Emilio Tuñón wins the contest for the Maastricht Landbouwbelang

The architect and MArch speaker Emilio Tuñón, recent National Architecture Award winner, together with his partner Carlos Albornoz and in collaboration with the Dhoore Vanweert Architecten, Vestio Vastgoed, Rogroep and Group Machiels studios, have been winners of the international competition for the Landbouwbelang at the Dutch city of Maastricht.

Module 05_Interior Design begins

Module 05_Interior Design begins this week with Ricardo Candela, project manager at FSA and speaker at MArch in collaboration with interior designer and collector Andrés Alfaro Hofmann.

Argentine trace of MArch in Valencia

The web medium Culturplaza, in an article signed by the journalist Vicent Molins, has echoed the Argentine presence in Valencia and, particularly, those who are dedicated to the architecture and design sector.

Workshop Atelier Aires Mateus

This workshop is developed in a professional environment having an important didactic component. Proposes reflection on architecture using a diverse set of research tools.

NIU Houses settles in Madrid with a second exhibition of architecture on a real scale

NIU Houses settles in Madrid with a second exhibition of architecture on a real scale. The presentation event will take place today at 7:00 p.m. at the Gandia Blasco Group flagship store, Madrid

The Architecture of Ginza, Tokyo

The great city of Tokyo has the particularity of keeping very good architecture in many of the neighborhoods that make it up. Summarizing everything they keep in a few paragraphs is complicated, but focusing on one of them can be more interesting. And Ginza is extremely attractive.

Ibán Ramón redesigns the logo of homu arquitectos

The architecture studio based in Valencia and known as Homu Arquitectos is made up of Pedro Martínez, Belén Plá and Javier Hernández. Pedro and Belén attended the first edition of MArch and at the end of their academic training, they decided to form a studio together. From then until today they have grown a lot professionally, developing high-quality projects and creating a brand in the city.

Lavernia & Cienfuegos redesigns the packaging of Utopick Chocolates

The Utopick chocolate house, after having relied on the services of Lavernia & Cienfuegos a few years ago for the design of the packaging of its products, have once again contacted the National Design Award studio for the re-elaboration of the packaging of their chocolates.

Tadao Ando Designs Karl Lagerfeld Exhibition at the Met 2023

One of the most notable architects of our time, Tadao Ando, has work throughout the world. Large architecture projects such as the San Museum or the Bonte Museum, both in South Korea and which we visited with our students from the MArch Advanced program in architecture, design and business administration, or the Garden of Fine Arts in Kyoto, which we also had the opportunity to visit.

Exhibition “90 years Álvaro Siza: Two Towers”

From May 27 to July 5 you can visit the exhibition "90 years Álvaro Siza: Two Towers", which will take place at the Aedes Architecture Forum and echoes two buildings that respond to an unusual typology in the production of the Portuguese Pritzker prize throughout his career, that of the tower.

Workshop with Agraph in MArch

The Agraph studio, headed by Patricia García and Daniel López, is these weeks at the Espai Alfaro facilities giving its workshop on architectural visualization and image treatment known as Drawing Architecture for students of the master's and Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation.

Advantages of studying a Master in Architecture + Design +MBA

Architecture and design degrees provide us with information and skills that allow us, once we enter the labor market, to undertake projects of a different nature and resolve them with solvency. But, are we capable of being solvent also from the economic point of view?

MArch Ambassador

MArch Ambassador

MArch Ambassadors is a network of members from the alumni community who act as representatives of the school in their respective places of residence, thus acting as a network of ambassadors that aims to spread the MArch philosophy.

The Viccarbe 3d Awards recognize the work of MArch students

La compañía de mobiliario Viccarbe viene convocando desde hace años los Viccarbe 3D Awards, los cuales promueven el diseño digital con el objetivo de conocer el trabajo de diseñadores y arquitectos que busquen innovar y explorar hasta nuevas cotas este inmenso sector.

The Percorso de Siza in the Giardino Delle Vergini

Generally, when you visit the Venice Architecture Biennale, all the attention is taken by the content of each pavilion, since it is where people seek to soak up these new ideas and learn about the proposals. But the biennial, in addition to this, also allows us to enjoy projects that are here to stay.

Pilar Marcos, director of Diseño Interior magazine, visits MArch

The director of the renowned Diseño Interior magazine, dedicated to interior design, architecture and design, Pilar Marcos, has been with our students to tell them how her magazine works, as well as sharing some keys regarding how to focus publication requests to editorial media.

The differential factor of the MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture

Architecture is in constant transformation and the new requirements on the part of society, which advocate greater care for the environment, directly affect the way in which we project and build. That is why, in the same way, the teachings around this professional field must also be transformed to adapt to the new demands and social needs.

Porto Academy celebrates its 10th Anniversary

On April 29 and 30, the Portoacademy management has organized an event in Barcelona to commemorate 10 uninterrupted years of architecture workshops for students.

The exhibition”Andreu Alfaro. Dibujar el espacio” opens in Gandia

An exhibition dedicated to the work of the sculptor Andreu Alfaro has recently been inaugurated in Gandia and is part of the commemorative acts of the 40th anniversary of the Universitat d'Estiu de Gandia.

Presentation of the new monograph by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos with Rizzoli

The prestigious American publishing house Rizzoli has published a large-format monograph that shows some of the most outstanding projects of the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, from its beginnings to the present day.

Kengo Kuma & Associates wins the Competition to design a Visitors Center in Butrinto

The renowned studio of the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, which we were able to visit on the March Advanced in architecture, design and business administration trip to Japan in April, has developed a project within the framework of the competition for the National Park visitor center of Butrinto, in Albania, of which they have been victors.

Contemporary architecture trip to Venice, what to visit?

La ciudad de Venecia no necesita presentación. Su singularidad la vuelve atractiva y atrayente a ojos de todo el mundo y su arquitectura parece mostrarnos una ciudad congelada en el tiempo. Pero, como en otras icónicas urbes de nuestro planeta, también allí ha llegado la huella de algunos de los más relevantes estudios de arquitectura de la actualidad.

Trip to the Milan Fair

The students of the MArch programs traveled to Milan to visit the most prestigious furniture fair in the world and the stands of international brands that presented their latest innovations.

Geodazzle, the space designed by Estudi{H}ac at Casa Decor

In collaboration with Museum and Harmony, the creative studio directed by Juan Carlos Ferrero, Estudi{H}ac, has designed the space named Geodazzle for Casa Decor 2023.

Vicent Molins publishes a new book

On April 27 at 7:00 p.m., at the College of Architects of Valencia, in an event that will be presented by the journalist Mariola Cubells, the Valencian journalist and lecturer of MArch Vicent Molins will present his new book entitled "València, el relat d' una ciutat" (Valencia, the story of a city), published by the Drassana publishing house.

Filmmaking class with Jesús Orrico

This week, continuing with module 04_Digital Innovation, the students of the MArch programs begin the sessions of the Filmmaking workshop with the photographer Jesús Orrico.

Workshop Aires Mateus

A new edition of WAM took place between April 11 and 18, the Aires Mateus Workshop coordinated jointly at the MArch Valencia postgraduate school and the Aires Mateus Atelier.

What to visit of contemporary architecture in Finland?

A trip to Finland to learn about the country's architecture is inextricably linked to the figure of Alvar Aalto. Finlandia Hall, his house, his studio, the campus of the University that bears his name, the Paimio sanatorium and many other works allow us to discover the work and the person who shaped Finland in the 20th century.

IV International Audiovisual Workshop with RCR Arquitectes

From July 3 to 15, 2023, the IV International Audiovisual Workshop will take place, organized by RCR Arquitectes and directed by the prestigious Japanese photographer Hisao Suzuki.

RCR’s Perelada winery project receives the LEED Gold certificate

The Peralada winery complex designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning studio RCR Arquitectes has become the first European wine production center to receive the LEED Gold seal, which is the most recognized sustainability certificate in the world.

Valencia, European green capital 2024. What benefits will the city have?

The city of Valencia remains one of the most outstanding cities in Europe after having welcomed the world capital of Design in 2022 and having increased its cultural, educational and leisure offer in recent years. Now it does so after being chosen as European Green Capital for next year.

Exhibition on La Azucarera San Isidro

The recovery of this industrial complex has been one of the life goals of Juan Domingo Santos, who shares part of this process with our students on their visits to MArch. An exhibition has recently been held at the Royal Hospital of Granada that revolves around the evolution of the Azucarera itself.

Souto de Moura, Emilio Tuñón and Fuensanta Nieto participate in Architects, not Architecture

On April 27, the Giner de los Ríos Foundation, in Madrid, will hold a talk between the recent winner of the National Architecture Award, Emilio Tuñón, the renowned architect Fuensanta Nieto and the Pritzker Prize winner Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Contemporary architecture in Tokyo, what to visit?

The city of Tokyo is one of the largest cities on the planet, and has a high concentration of good architecture distributed throughout its many neighborhoods. Ginza, Aoyama, Shibuya or Shinjuku are some examples where we can find representative buildings signed by studios such as Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Herzog & de Meuron, Richard Rogers, Tadao Ando... but beyond these great works of architecture, Tokyo also hides locations with little gems that are worth a trip to where they are.

Gimeno Gràfic designs the logo of the innovative Comic Museum of Valencia: Micharmut

In 2023, the city of Valencia will be home to the new comic and graphic novel museum, Micharmut. The museum's collection is expected to start with around 30,000 pieces, spanning a wide range of genres and styles that will appeal to the interest of amateurs and professionals alike.

PalauGea, creators of the news medium Gràffica, at MArch

The PalauGea creative studio, made up of Ana Gea and Víctor Palau, has visited MArch to share their experience on graphic design and product design.

Celebrating 18 years of the iconic MUSAC

April 1st marked the 18th anniversary of MUSAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León, designed by renowned architects Emilio Tuñón and Luis Moreno Mansilla. Since its inauguration in 2005, MUSAC has been the cultural benchmark in León and one of the most visited museums in the Castilla y León region.

MArch Master’s in Architecture, Design and Innovation or Design or MArch Advanced Master’s in Architecture, Design and Business Administration?

Choosing a postgraduate degree in Architecture and Design is crucial for the professional development of every architect/designer. If you have doubts between the MArch Master in Architecture and Design and the MArch Advanced Master in Architecture, Design and Business Administration, we will try to resolve them here.

FSA LAB. Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Last Monday, the FSA LAB team, part of the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, began module 04_Digital Innovation within the second part of the course and the MArch postgraduate course in Digital Innovation, focused on Architectural Visualization. These sessions, which will run until April 21, will address crucial issues in the digital representation of architectural and product design projects, providing students with valuable knowledge and skills in the realm of digital innovation in architecture.

Alba de la Fuente visits March

Last Friday, the acclaimed architect Alba de la Fuente visited MArch to offer an informative and enriching talk to students on the use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) in contemporary architecture. With a solid accumulated experience working with renowned studios such as Ricardo Bofill, Andrés Reisinger, Sabine Marcelis and Charlotte Taylor, Alba de la Fuente has left her mark in the world of architectural design, fusing technology and art in the work of she.

The exhibition Memory, Projects, Works by Souto de Moura travels to Brazil

Since March 22, the Memory, Projects, Works exhibition, which was held at the Casa da Arquitectura in Porto, where a large part of the enormous Souto de Moura archive is deposited, and curated by Francesco Dal Co and Nuno Graça Moura , has now traveled to Brazil and, specifically, to Rio de Janeiro, in the Paço Imperial.

The documentary “Siza” is released

Through the Gallery streaming platform, it will be possible to enjoy the documentary "Siza", which focuses on capturing on the screen a more intimate and personal vision of the Pritkzer Prize, delving into his childhood, his family and his passion for sculpture. or his taste for classical music.

Lavernia&Cienfuegos redesigns the València brand

Lavernia&Cienfuegos presented last week the redesign of the València brand for the tourism promotion of the city through the different advertising channels it uses.

Photography Workshop with RCR Arquitectes

Between July 3 and 15, the XI edition of the International Photography Workshop will take place in Olot, directed by the winners of the Pritzker RCR Arquitectes.

Cassandra Carvas

Cassandra Carvas, a Portuguese architect, has started the second part of the course by giving a session focused on making a portfolio.

Ponte Douro. First prize

The Portuguese studio Noarq by Zé Carlos Oliveira has won the competition for the construction of the new bridge that will link Porto and Gaia.

MArch International day

Today is MArch Internacional, a day in which our students share their culture with everyone else, through presentations that are exhibited in the classroom. The students meet in groups and talk about the typical architecture, gastronomy, history or nature of their countries. At the end of the day, each one shares some typical food or drink to share with everyone else.

Ibán Ramón collaborates in the Valencia superblock

The graphic designer Ibán Ramón, recognized on numerous occasions by the LAUS awards, and who will share his knowledge with our students in June, has participated in the design of the first superblock to be implemented in Valencia. For his part, he has taken care of all the graphic development that can now be seen both on the pavement and in the signage.

Trip to Japan. MArch Advanced Master’s in Architecture, Design and Business Administration

In the coming weeks, the trip to Japan for the students of the MArch Advanced program in architecture, design and business administration will take place. During it we will visit the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, with the aim of knowing first-hand both contemporary architecture and traditional architecture typical of the Japanese country.

The MArch Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation begins

This Monday the 20th begins the MArch postgraduate course in Design and Digital Innovation, which includes the modules of Digital Innovation, Interior Design, Product and Final Project.

Visit to the Gramaxo Foundation

In this 2022/2023 academic year, the MArch students who have attended the trip to Porto have had the opportunity to visit the Fundação Gramaxo, a work of the Pritzker prize-winner Álvaro Siza that was completed in 2021.

Series of lectures on the Azucarera de Granada

Today, Tuesday, March 14, a cycle of conferences begins that revolves around the La Azucarera de San Isidro de Granada complex, a space in which the studio of the renowned architect Juan Domingo Santos is located.

The IVAM of Valencia celebrates an exhibition with the works of La Nave

From this March 9 to September 10 you can visit an exhibition at the IVAM where some of the most representative works of La Nave are exhibited, which marked a before and after in Valencian design.

New monograph by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos edited by Rizzoli

The Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio has published a new monograph for the renowned Rizzoli publishing house, leaders in interior design, art and architecture publications. It has been curated by the prestigious architecture critic Philip Jodidio, who writes a concise analysis for each of the projects included in the publication.

Trip to Porto

From March 8 to 10, the students are in Porto, a study trip where they have the opportunity to see first-hand works by the Pritzker prize-winners Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura and the Noarq studio, by the architect Zé Carlos Oliveira, as well as the Portuguese studio Correia/Ragazzi.

Summer Workshop Internacional 2023 with RCR Arquitectes

The winners of the 2017 Pritzker Prize, RCR Arquitectes, launch the new edition of the RCR Summer Workshop 2023, which will take place in person from July 3, 2023 in Olot and offers a space dedicated to researching key issues in architecture and disseminating the methodology project by RCR Arquitectes.

David Chipperfield, 2023 Pritzker Prize

The prestigious British architect David Chipperfield (1953) has been recognized with the Pritzker Prize, the most important award in the field of architecture.

Lecture by Antonio Choupina

The Portuguese architect António Choupina, who has been linked to Álvaro Siza for more than 10 years, has given a talk for the students of the different MArch architecture and design programs, which precedes the trip to Porto that is taking place this week.

MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture

The MArch Graduate School of Architecture and Design has recently opened the application period for enrollments for the MArch Graduate Degree in Industrialized Architecture.

Visit to RCR’s project Bell Lloc wineries

Within the framework of the workshop directed by RCR Arquitectes in La Vila, included in the MArch Advanced program in architecture, design and business administration, our students have visited the Bell Lloc wineries, a project that masterfully integrates into the landscape and reinterprets the traditional winery concept.

Álvaro Siza at the Venice Biennale

The eighteenth edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale opens in May, which we will visit with the students of the MArch Advanced program in architecture, design and business administration between May 25 and 28.

Photography workshop with Eugeni Pons

Last Monday, within the workshop coordinated by RCR in La Vila in collaboration with MArch, the visit of the renowned photographer Eugeni Pons took place, who gave a workshop on photography related to the approach to the landscape.

Architecture Biennale 2023: The laboratory of the future

The eighteenth edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale opens in May, which we will visit with the students of the MArch Advanced program in architecture, design and business administration between May 25 and 28.

Workshop RCR La Vila

Desde el 24 de febrero hasta el 3 de marzo, los alumnos del programa MArch Advanced en arquitectura, diseño y business administration se han desplazado hasta Olot para realizar el workshop organizado por RCR en La Vila.

BIM with Salva Moret

This week, within the M03_Build module, we have started the BIM sessions with Salva Moret, an architect from the UPV, founder of the Ensenyem Academy, from where training courses are given for different programs related to architecture and design.

The Empty House | Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio has finished its latest project, The Empty House. Located on the main street of a town near Valencia, the house is part of a fragment of 20th century history.

La Azucarera | Juan Domingo Santos

Last Thursday we had with us the renowned architect Juan Domingo Santos, also a professor of Architectural Projects at the School of Architecture of Granada and who has collaborated with Álvaro Siza on projects such as the Zaira building in Granada or the Atrium of the Alhambra.

Carmen Moreno | Unespected things

Last week we received a visit from the Granada-born architect Carmen Moreno, an architect and a PhD in architecture from the UGR, where she has also taught classes since 2007.

Trip to Finland | March Traveler

Between May 11 and 14, from March Traveler, a trip is offered for all those who want to register for Finland.

Lean Construction | Juan Felipe Pons

Continuing with the training in industrialized construction, we received a visit from Juan Felipe Pons, technical architect, expert in lean manufacturing and master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming.

Estructuras singulares | David Gallardo

As every year, the Estructuras Singulares team, led by David Gallardo, a PhD architect specializing in structural calculation, gives a workshop for the students of the MArch postgraduate course in applied architecture, the MArch master’s degree in architecture, design and innovation and the MArch Advanced master’s degree in architecture, design and business administration.

Memorial for the Victims of Pedrógrão Grande | Souto de Moura

The studio of the Portuguese Pritzker prize winner Eduardo Souto de Moura has designed a space for the Memorial of the Victims of the Pedrógão Grande Fires.

New Barozzi Veiga project | Nieuwpoort Town Hall

Barcelona-based Italian-Spanish studio Barozzi Veiga, who recently gave a talk to share their work with MArch students, has won the competition for the design of the Nieuwpoort town hall.

Architecture trip to Barcelona

Recently the students of the different MArch programs have had the opportunity to be part of a study trip to Barcelona to learn about the contemporary architecture of the city and some of its most outstanding studies.

Zé Carlos Oliveira

Visit to MArch of the NoArq Studio – Zé Carlos Oliveira

Durante esta semana, el arquitecto portugués Zé Carlos Oliveira, director del estudio radicado en Trofa bajo el nombre de NoArq, imparte un workshop a los alumnos de máster y postgrado de la escuela MArch.

Postgraduate in Industrialised Architecture

The MArch Postgraduate in Industrialised Architecture seeks to establish a direct connection between the practice of architecture and its industrialisation and transformation.

New project by RCR Arquitectes

The Catalan architectural firm has built the new winery in the Empordà region. After more than 20 years working on the project, it is a project that seeks to get rid of idioms to become a timeless exercise in architecture, while seeking to minimize its impact on the wine landscape through a structure that mimics its surroundings.

New project of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in Sotogrande

The expressive nature of this three-story house is designed in a continuous movement that suggests, between its different rooms, a walkway from where to explore the landscape that expands in front of it.

Máster arquitectura

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the entire team of MArch Valencia.

New project by Barozzi Veiga. Store Aesop

Barozzi Veiga has finished his new project in Barcelona, a gray space in which its high ceilings stand out with a space crossed by a trio of columns. Attached to the walls and in parallel, a counter and a burnished steel display case extend along the walls.

New trip to Switzerland and France. March Traveler

Between February 17 and 20, from MArch and in collaboration with MArch Traveler, we offer a trip to Switzerland, France and Germany in which we will learn more about architecture and the design of places like Basel, Ronchamp or Weil am Rhein.

New rehabilitation project by Emilio Tuñón

The studio of Emilio Tuñón, recently awarded the National Architecture Prize 2022, has inaugurated its latest project; the institutional headquarters of Arquia Banca, located at number 16 Tutor Street in Madrid.


Valencia, chosen as the best city to live according to Forbes

According to Expat City Ranking 2022, the ranking of InterNations, the world's largest community of foreign residents, Valencia is the best city in the world to live and not only tops the overall list, but also ranks number one in quality of life.

Thinking by doing – Fran Silvestre Workshop

This week the workshop with Fran Silvestre Thinking by doing took place, through which the way of approaching the conception of a project has been worked on.

The Efficient Beauty – Fran Silvestre

The 02_Investigate module began with a presentation by the director of the MArch programs, Fran Silvestre, who on this occasion did so by sharing with the students some of the projects carried out by the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, introducing the processes of materializing ideas through making models.

Industrialized Architecture with Pablo Saiz

We have recently started the Industrialized Construction sessions with Pablo Saiz, doctor of architecture from ETSAM in Madrid and also trained at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

Mitma awards Emilio Tuñón the 2022 National Architecture Prize

The architect Emilio Tuñón, speaker at MArch and author of works such as the Royal Collections building in Madrid, the Helga de Alvear museum in Cáceres or the MUSAC in León, has recently been awarded the National Architecture Prize.

Site visit to the new NIU development in Campolivar

During the course of the MArch Architecture and Design master's and postgraduate programs, we carry out visits to works in the construction phase. Thanks to the possibility of visiting different projects, we have the opportunity to learn about the different stages a work of architecture goes through.

Communication through digital media

The students recently had a Community Management class with Sara Atienza, Director of Marketing and Communication at the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, dedicated to communication through digital media.

Lecture by Emilio Tuñón at MArch

The 2022-2023 course began this past October 14 with a lecture by Emilio Tuñón, founder of Tuñón Arquitectos; a studio dedicated to the encounter between design and construction theory with pedagogy, an evolutionary step after Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos.

New course begins. Tenth edition of the MArch Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Architecture and Design

One week after classes begin, we have welcomed the students of this ninth edition of MArch with the presentation of the Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Architecture and Design.

acto de graduación

Closing Ceremony and lecture of Aires Mateus

At the end of September, the closing ceremony of the 2021 2022 academic year took place, which took place in the Espai Alfaro courtyard, on a stage surrounded by the sculptures of Andreu Alfaro, one of the NIU Houses prototypes, and with the company of students and family.

MArch China

The MArch postgraduate school has increased its training offer and for the first time we are teaching an exclusive online course for students from China.

Loading: Arquitecturas Emergentes

The MArch postgraduate school and TC Cuadernos, one of the most renowned architecture publishers on the international scene, reached an agreement to produce a publication that would collect the built work of students who had completed one of the MArch programs.

DVEIN in March Valencia

The creative studio Dvein, like other years, has come to MArch to tell us about some of their latest projects.

MArch Alumni 2022. Tenth Anniversary of the School

On June 17 we celebrated the MArch Alumni, an event that takes place every two years and that seeks to bring together students from the latest promotions so that they can meet and exchange both knowledge and contacts. On this occasion, it coincided with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the MArch Postgraduate Schoolh

Packaging with Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Within the module_06 Product, we received a visit from the Lavernia & Cienfuegos, who, hand in hand with one of his partners, Alberto Cienfuegos, developed a workshop over a week that allowed us to delve into this professional field.

Travel to South Korea. MArch Advanced Master

In recent weeks, the students of the MArch Advanced Master's Degree in Architecture, Design and Business Administration have traveled to Korea.

Workshop with Solid surface

Belonging to the module_02 Research, we have the Parma Creations team, specialized in the work of the Solid Surface.

Workshop de Filmmaking

We have recently started the Filmmaking workshop for the students of the different MArch programs. It is directed by the photographer and creative director Jesús Orrico, who has worked on numerous architecture projects doing photography and video shoots.


The PalauGea creative studio was present at MArch to share with the students some of its most relevant projects, among which are the publishing media Gràffica.

Visit of the Granada architect Juan Domingo Santos

The renowned architect Juan Domingo Santos visited MArch and shared with the students his Experiences, both in the field of architecture and in the personal field, referring to the constitution and development of his physical studio in the city of Granada.

Portfolio with Cassandra Carvas, by Aires Mateus

The Portuguese architect Cassandra Carvas traveled to the Espai Alfaro facilities to give a double session on the creation and importance of the portfolio. He also shared his experience in a study of such relevance on the international scene as that of Aires Mateus.

Introduction to the kite making workshop with Yturralde

In the introductory session of the workshop for the making of kites of the MArch master's degree in Industrialized Architecture, we had the intervention of José María Yturralde, National Prize for Plastic Arts and one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists.

International MArch and the start of the MArch Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation

This week, with the end of the teaching of the MArch postgraduate course in Applied Architecture and to welcome the new students who join the MArch postgraduate course in Design and Digital Innovation, we celebrate MArch International,

Luisa Souto de Moura

Luisa Moura joined us yesterday afternoon, one more year, as an expert architect in the MArch Master in Architecture and Design. This young architect began her professional career in the studio of Nuno Brandão Costa, developing projects with a marked character of Portuguese architecture, later JOINING the studio of Eduardo Souto de Moura, Pritzker Prize, where she has worked to date as director of international projects in countries such as Croatia, France or Lebanon.

Trip to Porto

The students enrolled in the MArch postgraduate programs in Applied Architecture, the MArch master's degree in Architecture, Design and Innovation, the MArch master's degree in Industrialized Architecture and the MArch Advanced master's degree in Architecture, Design and Business Administration, carried out the trip that annually takes us to Porto.

MArch allies with Viabizzuno for its 4 Stagioni project

The MArch Graduate School of Architecture and Design has partnered with the Italian lighting company Viabizzuno in the project that it has created and baptized with the name of 4Stagioni. It consists of creating showrooms in the flagships they have in Valencia or Madrid, taking the four seasons as a premise, one for each season.


The NOARQ studio with Zé Carlos Oliveira at MArch

We recently had the presence of the director of the Portuguese studio NOARQ, Zé Carlos Oliveira, recent winner of the project for the Vigo viewpoint and the new bridge over the Douro River in Porto.

RCR Workshop at la Vila

Today we received in MArch the visit of Carmen Moreno, architect and PhD in architecture from the UGR, where she has also been teaching since 2007. With a teaching career that has led her to be a visiting professor at schools such as the FAUP, the Technical University of Munich or the UIC has also been practicing architecture in different fields.

Trip to Barcelona. MArch Architecture and Design

During these days the trip to Barcelona will take place for the students of the MArch Master in Architecture and Design and those of the MArch Postgraduate in Applied Architecture. During the trip through the city, we will be received by Francesc Rifé's studio to show us his workspace and how it works, as well as some of his works.

The Portuguese studio Correia/Ragazzi, lecturers at MArch

The Portuguese architect Graça Correia and the Italian architect Roberto Ragazzi form the Correia/Ragazzi studio, based in Porto. Both have recently acted as speakers for the students of the MArch postgraduate in Applied Architecture, those of the MArch master's degree in Architecture, design and innovation, and those of the MArch Advanced master's degree in Architecture, design and business administration.

Motivational Speech of David Meca

Today we have received the visit of the swimmer and multiple swimming world champion David Meca. David has been twice the FINA world champion, in the distance of 10 km in the World Open Water Swimming Championships in Honolulu (2000) and in the distance of 25 km in Montreal, winner of 28 World Cups

Trip to Finland. March Advanced Master in Architecture, Design and Business Adminitration

Recently, we had the last trip of this edition of the MArch Advance Master, whose destination has been Finland. During 4 days, the students have visited some cities like Helsinki or Paimio, and the works of internationally recognized architects such as Alvar Aalto, Saarinen, Suomalainen or Steven Holl.

pilar marcos

Lecture of Pilar Marcos, Director and Editor of the Magazine Diseño Interior

We have recently had the honor of receiving Pilar Marcos, director and editor of Diseño Interior, a leading magazine in interior design, architecture and design since 1991 that collects the main news and trends at a national and international level.

Trip to Venice. MArch Advance Master in Architecture, Design and Business Administration

Recientemente hemos tenido el honor de recibir a Pilar Marcos, directora y editora de Diseño Interior, una revista líder en interiorismo, arquitectura y diseño desde 1991 que recoge las principales novedades y tendencias a nivel nacional e internacional.

Lecture of the architect Emilio Tuñón in MArch

El pasado viernes 22 de Octubre, inauguramos el inicio del curso con la ponencia del arquitecto Emilio Tuñón, creador del estudio Tuñón Arquitectos, una oficina dedicada a la confrontación de la práctica proyectual y constructiva con la teoría y la docencia, que surge como evolución natural de la firma Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos.

Trip to Milan 2021. Master in Architecture and Design and Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation

Last September took place the trip to Milan of the students of the Master in Architecture and Design, and those of the Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation to visit the city, the Supersalone del Salone del Mobile, the “fuorisalone” and the Milan Design Week 2021, dedicated to the culture of design and innovation, with special attention to the redesign of urban spaces, sustainability and the circular economy.

Estudi{H}ac + Puricelli

Next September, once classes have been resumed after the summer holidays, the Estudi{H}ac + Puricelli workshop will take place in MArch, which is part of module 05 on Interior Design.


A few days ago, we received a visit from Francesc Rifé at MArch Arquitectura y Diseño. The Interior and industrial designer shared with us some of his work on both interior architecture and product design. We also visited his studio and we have been able to know his way of working during the visit we made to Barcelona a few weeks ago.

Trip to Venice.
MArch Advanced

The trip to Venice recently took place for the students of MArch Advance in Architecture and Design. On this trip we have been able to visit the Architecture Biennale with the different pavilions distributed between the arsenal and the gardens, as well as the Vatican chapels.

Emilio Tuñón. Finalist in the FAD and BEAU awards

The renowned architecture studio Tuñón Arquitectos has been selected as a finalist for the Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo awards and the FAD 2021 de Arquitectura e Interiorismo awards with the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear.

Luisa Souto de Moura

Luisa Moura was with us yesterday afternoon, one more year, as an expert architect in the MArch Master in Architecture and design.


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