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Closing Ceremony and lecture of Aires Mateus

At the end of September, the closing ceremony of the 2021 2022 academic year took place, which took place in the Espai Alfaro courtyard, on a stage surrounded by the sculptures of Andreu Alfaro, one of the NIU Houses prototypes, and with the company of students and family.

MArch China

The MArch postgraduate school has increased its training offer and for the first time we are teaching an exclusive online course for students from China.

Loading: Arquitecturas Emergentes

The MArch postgraduate school and TC Cuadernos, one of the most renowned architecture publishers on the international scene, reached an agreement to produce a publication that would collect the built work of students who had completed one of the MArch programs.

DVEIN in March Valencia

The creative studio Dvein, like other years, has come to MArch to tell us about some of their latest projects.

MArch Alumni 2022. Tenth Anniversary of the School

On June 17 we celebrated the MArch Alumni, an event that takes place every two years and that seeks to bring together students from the latest promotions so that they can meet and exchange both knowledge and contacts. On this occasion, it coincided with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the MArch Postgraduate Schoolh

Packaging with Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Within the module_06 Product, we received a visit from the Lavernia & Cienfuegos, who, hand in hand with one of his partners, Alberto Cienfuegos, developed a workshop over a week that allowed us to delve into this professional field.

Travel to South Korea. MArch Advanced Master

In recent weeks, the students of the MArch Advanced Master's Degree in Architecture, Design and Business Administration have traveled to Korea.

Workshop with Solid surface

Belonging to the module_02 Research, we have the Parma Creations team, specialized in the work of the Solid Surface.

Workshop de Filmmaking

We have recently started the Filmmaking workshop for the students of the different MArch programs. It is directed by the photographer and creative director Jesús Orrico, who has worked on numerous architecture projects doing photography and video shoots.


The PalauGea creative studio was present at MArch to share with the students some of its most relevant projects, among which are the publishing media Gràffica.

Visit of the Granada architect Juan Domingo Santos

The renowned architect Juan Domingo Santos visited MArch and shared with the students his Experiences, both in the field of architecture and in the personal field, referring to the constitution and development of his physical studio in the city of Granada.

Portfolio with Cassandra Carvas, by Aires Mateus

The Portuguese architect Cassandra Carvas traveled to the Espai Alfaro facilities to give a double session on the creation and importance of the portfolio. He also shared his experience in a study of such relevance on the international scene as that of Aires Mateus.

Introduction to the kite making workshop with Yturralde

In the introductory session of the workshop for the making of kites of the MArch master's degree in Industrialized Architecture, we had the intervention of José María Yturralde, National Prize for Plastic Arts and one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists.

International MArch and the start of the MArch Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation

This week, with the end of the teaching of the MArch postgraduate course in Applied Architecture and to welcome the new students who join the MArch postgraduate course in Design and Digital Innovation, we celebrate MArch International,

Luisa Souto de Moura

Luisa Moura joined us yesterday afternoon, one more year, as an expert architect in the MArch Master in Architecture and Design. This young architect began her professional career in the studio of Nuno Brandão Costa, developing projects with a marked character of Portuguese architecture, later JOINING the studio of Eduardo Souto de Moura, Pritzker Prize, where she has worked to date as director of international projects in countries such as Croatia, France or Lebanon.

Trip to Porto

The students enrolled in the MArch postgraduate programs in Applied Architecture, the MArch master's degree in Architecture, Design and Innovation, the MArch master's degree in Industrialized Architecture and the MArch Advanced master's degree in Architecture, Design and Business Administration, carried out the trip that annually takes us to Porto.

MArch allies with Viabizzuno for its 4 Stagioni project

The MArch Graduate School of Architecture and Design has partnered with the Italian lighting company Viabizzuno in the project that it has created and baptized with the name of 4Stagioni. It consists of creating showrooms in the flagships they have in Valencia or Madrid, taking the four seasons as a premise, one for each season.


The NOARQ studio with Zé Carlos Oliveira at MArch

We recently had the presence of the director of the Portuguese studio NOARQ, Zé Carlos Oliveira, recent winner of the project for the Vigo viewpoint and the new bridge over the Douro River in Porto.

RCR Workshop at la Vila

Today we received in MArch the visit of Carmen Moreno, architect and PhD in architecture from the UGR, where she has also been teaching since 2007. With a teaching career that has led her to be a visiting professor at schools such as the FAUP, the Technical University of Munich or the UIC has also been practicing architecture in different fields.

Trip to Barcelona. MArch Architecture and Design

During these days the trip to Barcelona will take place for the students of the MArch Master in Architecture and Design and those of the MArch Postgraduate in Applied Architecture. During the trip through the city, we will be received by Francesc Rifé's studio to show us his workspace and how it works, as well as some of his works.

The Portuguese studio Correia/Ragazzi, lecturers at MArch

The Portuguese architect Graça Correia and the Italian architect Roberto Ragazzi form the Correia/Ragazzi studio, based in Porto. Both have recently acted as speakers for the students of the MArch postgraduate in Applied Architecture, those of the MArch master's degree in Architecture, design and innovation, and those of the MArch Advanced master's degree in Architecture, design and business administration.

Motivational Speech of David Meca

Today we have received the visit of the swimmer and multiple swimming world champion David Meca. David has been twice the FINA world champion, in the distance of 10 km in the World Open Water Swimming Championships in Honolulu (2000) and in the distance of 25 km in Montreal, winner of 28 World Cups

Trip to Finland. March Advanced Master in Architecture, Design and Business Adminitration

Recently, we had the last trip of this edition of the MArch Advance Master, whose destination has been Finland. During 4 days, the students have visited some cities like Helsinki or Paimio, and the works of internationally recognized architects such as Alvar Aalto, Saarinen, Suomalainen or Steven Holl.

pilar marcos

Lecture of Pilar Marcos, Director and Editor of the Magazine Diseño Interior

We have recently had the honor of receiving Pilar Marcos, director and editor of Diseño Interior, a leading magazine in interior design, architecture and design since 1991 that collects the main news and trends at a national and international level.

Trip to Venice. MArch Advance Master in Architecture, Design and Business Administration

Recientemente hemos tenido el honor de recibir a Pilar Marcos, directora y editora de Diseño Interior, una revista líder en interiorismo, arquitectura y diseño desde 1991 que recoge las principales novedades y tendencias a nivel nacional e internacional.

Lecture of the architect Emilio Tuñón in MArch

El pasado viernes 22 de Octubre, inauguramos el inicio del curso con la ponencia del arquitecto Emilio Tuñón, creador del estudio Tuñón Arquitectos, una oficina dedicada a la confrontación de la práctica proyectual y constructiva con la teoría y la docencia, que surge como evolución natural de la firma Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos.

New course begins. Ninth edition of the MArch Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Architecture and Design

One week after classes begin, we have welcomed the students of this ninth edition of MArch with the presentation of the Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Architecture and Design.

Trip to Milan 2021. Master in Architecture and Design and Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation

Last September took place the trip to Milan of the students of the Master in Architecture and Design, and those of the Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation to visit the city, the Supersalone del Salone del Mobile, the “fuorisalone” and the Milan Design Week 2021, dedicated to the culture of design and innovation, with special attention to the redesign of urban spaces, sustainability and the circular economy.

Estudi{H}ac + Puricelli

Next September, once classes have been resumed after the summer holidays, the Estudi{H}ac + Puricelli workshop will take place in MArch, which is part of module 05 on Interior Design.


A few days ago, we received a visit from Francesc Rifé at MArch Arquitectura y Diseño. The Interior and industrial designer shared with us some of his work on both interior architecture and product design. We also visited his studio and we have been able to know his way of working during the visit we made to Barcelona a few weeks ago.

Trip to Venice.
MArch Advanced

The trip to Venice recently took place for the students of MArch Advance in Architecture and Design. On this trip we have been able to visit the Architecture Biennale with the different pavilions distributed between the arsenal and the gardens, as well as the Vatican chapels.

Emilio Tuñón. Finalist in the FAD and BEAU awards

The renowned architecture studio Tuñón Arquitectos has been selected as a finalist for the Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo awards and the FAD 2021 de Arquitectura e Interiorismo awards with the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear.

Luisa Souto de Moura

Luisa Moura was with us yesterday afternoon, one more year, as an expert architect in the MArch Master in Architecture and design.


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