Contemporary architecture in Switzerland, what to visit?



Switzerland is an extremely interesting country for many reasons, and one of these is the excellent quality of the architecture built in our time. Although it is not easy to make a brief summary of what to visit, it is true that it is possible to generate tours focused on a single city.

In the case of Lausanne, it is worth highlighting a large project undertaken by Sanaa between 2007 and 2010 for the EPFL, that of the Rolex Learning Center, consisting of a horizontal building with planes that simulate waves and circular holes as subtractions that allow Allow natural light to enter the interior of the building. This complex soon became a benchmark for contemporary architecture in Switzerland and, at the same time, other works have followed that have energized the urban landscape of the city.

An example of this is the MCBA, built in 2019 and designed by Barozzi Veiga after winning an international competition and consisting of a rectangular volume with a series of planes on the façade that run perpendicular to it, generating a sequence of projections, as buttresses of medieval churches. Also the MUDAC et Photo Elysée by Aires Mateus, which coexists in the same urban environment with the project by Barozzi Veiga, and which consists of a large volume that houses two museums (the museum of contemporary design and applied arts and the museum of photography ) to which a large opening is generated that separates it in two but maintains a single point where both bodies touch. The project generates 5,300 m2 between the two museums that add to the pre-existing cultural facilities in the area.

An area close to a railway station that has become an environment with great cultural appeal, not only because of the content of its museums, but also because of the buildings that give rise to the museums.

Rolex Learning Center – SANAA

MCBA – Barozzi Veiga

MUDAC et Photo Elysée – Aires Mateus


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