MArch Lecturers

The training is complemented by presentations given by the most influential professionals in architecture and design.

Renowned speakers share their professional experience throughout their careers with students.

Recent projects, ongoing projects or your knowledge on topics related to each of the modules complement the practical training.

Manuel Aires Mateus

Aires Mateus

Emilio Tuñón

Tuñón Albornoz Arquitectos

Fabrizio Barozzi / Alberto Veiga

Barozzi Veiga


Lucía Ferrater / Núria Ayala

Correia / Ragazzi

Graça Correia / Roberto Ragazzi

Fran Silvestre

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Juan Domingo Santos

Francesc Rifé

Francesc Rifé Studio

Alberto Cienfuegos

Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Alba de la Fuente

José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira


Luisa Moura

Souto de Moura Estudio

Carmen Moreno

Andrés Alfaro Hofmann

Pepe Gimeno

Gimeno Gràfic

Ibán Ramón

José Manuel Ferrero



Teo Guillem / Carlos Pardo



Ana Gea / Víctor Palau

Alejandro Escribano

Vicent Molins

Agència Districte

Cassandra Carvas

Aires Mateus

Pilar Marcos

Diseño Interior

António Choupina

Álvaro Siza Estudio

Pablo Camarasa

Elena Regadera

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Send an email to indicating the programme you wish to study. Please, attach the following documents:

· Passport (Max 2MB)
· CV/Portfolio (Max 5MB)

+34 601 109 365


The M07 MBA for Architecture will be monitored continuously throughout the entire course and the schedule will be flexible.

Trips, visits, site visits and lectures will be carried out on a schedule that is compatible with the rest of the MArch groups.


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