Singular Structures Workshop



As a final exercise to the M03_Construir module, the Singular Structures team, led by David Gallardo, has organized a workshop with the MArch students in which they have had to face the challenge of solving an exercise related to their field of study.

It poses a challenge consisting of the schematic design of a structure of a unique, risky nature, which can be considered a structural display, and proposing a solution for its construction. To solve it, students have the help of the different members of the Singular Structures team who will share their knowledge with us.

David Gallardo has a doctorate in architecture from the UPV, a professor at the ETSAV and founder of the Singulares Structures studio, a company that is an expert in the calculation of structures with which he pushes the laws of physics to the limit. He has designed and calculated structures for numerous architecture studios, having built unique projects such as those developed for FSA of the Acantilado house or the Hofmann house. All this without separating from teaching activity, which allows him to transmit his complex knowledge in a practical and very didactic way.

For its part, the architecture studio Arquitecturas Singulares, which he directs, stands out for its focus on the design of innovative and distinctive works. Among his most notable works are projects of unique and singular architectural structures, buildings with innovative geometries and materials. His portfolio includes a wide variety of projects that stand out for their creativity, functionality and structural efficiency, thus contributing to the urban and architectural landscape with works that challenge the conventional limits of design and construction.


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