Fran Silvestre is honored as Doctor Magno by the Association of Doctors.



The architect and director of the MArch programs Fran Silvestre, has been recognized as Doctor Magno by the Association of Doctors, in a ceremony that took place in the Chapel of the Beneficencia, in Valencia.

Awards in this category are used to commemorate the work of notable figures in various fields of science, especially those related to philosophy and religion. Currently, the definition is an honor focused on recognizing a student or scholar who has made significant intellectual and professional contributions to his or her career.

The award is given by the Professional Association of Doctors of the Valencian Community under the direction of Dr. José Francisco Tárrega Andreu and its mission is to promote, train and share with the many doctors who appreciate his work as a researcher, teacher and expert in the fields in which Fran Silvestre develops professionally.


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