Alfaro Hofmann Collection



The Espai Alfaro, headquarters of the MArch programs, is also home to one of the most attractive design museums in terms of content. This is the Alfaro Hofmann Collection, made up of more than 8,000 pieces that generate a narrative about the culture of everyday objects and allow us to understand how design enters our homes. It also has all the graphic material (instruction manuals, sales catalogues, advertisements…) that accompanies each object, which helps contextualize the moment in which it was produced.

In the exhibition part, around 400 household appliances produced in both Europe and the United States are shown, which also allows a reading of their evolution in each case, since they are the best example to appreciate and understand the transformations suffered with Over time. The journey through the exhibition begins with kitchen objects that have become necessary to make our domestic life easier, and ends with a section dedicated to the audiovisual world, with other elements such as radios, televisions, music equipment… .that, although the role they play is more leisure-oriented, in many cases they have evolved much faster.

Students of the MArch programs have the opportunity to approach this collection with the help of its founder, Andrés Alfaro Hofmann, who, in addition to giving a presentation on the matter, also develops a workshop in which students can delve into the evolution of the design.


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