Barozzi Veiga wins a new competition for the Astoria in Malaga



The Italian-Spanish studio Barozzi Veiga, which recently won the competition for the art museum in Gothenburg, has once again won another competition, this time in Malaga. The winning proposal stands out for its innovative and sensitive approach to the site’s historical heritage. Barozzi Veiga has conceived a design that allows the archaeological remains found on the Astoria site to be accessible to the public through a separate access from the Plaza de la Merced. This solution guarantees the preservation and enhancement of these existing historical remains.

The proposed design will cover the archaeological remains without hiding them, generating an independent access from the square that will allow visits to be made. As the studio itself has stated, this is a proposal in which sensitivity and respect for the heritage environment will be evident, without forgetting the objective of the building, which is none other than to create a new dance centre, which is why they will establish a dialogue between this artistic discipline and the existing heritage. In fact, for better integration with the site, the material chosen to clad the building will be local stone in predominantly ochre tones. On the roof there will be a covered terrace which will become an excellent viewpoint overlooking the Plaza de la Merced and the Alcazaba.

Barozzi Veiga’s design not only promises to be a new cultural landmark, but also an example of how contemporary architecture can dialogue respectfully with historical heritage, creating spaces that enrich both the present and the past. As for the finishes


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