Valencia, European green capital 2024 What benefits will the city have?



The city of Valencia remains one of the most outstanding cities in Europe after having welcomed the world capital of Design in 2022 and having increased its cultural, educational and leisure offer in recent years.

Now it does so after having been chosen as the European Green Capital for next year, a badge that is awarded to those cities that can be considered a spearhead in clean and ecological environmental policies. In the case of Spain, this is a very significant fact, since until now, only Vitoria had been awarded this noble recognition. Valencia will join a list that includes cities such as Stockholm, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg and Lisbon.

Obtaining the European Green Capital award, endowed with 600,000 euros, implies passing an exhaustive examination of the sustainability of the city through 12 indicators such as air, noise, waste, water, nature and biodiversity, uses land use, eco-innovation, climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, mobility, energy efficiency and governance. The candidacy also implies presenting a consolidated track record in environmental sustainability policies and having a future project as a green city.

Benefits of being European Green Capital

-Positive media coverage
-Increased international profile, networking and new alliances
-New possibilities: green capitals have successfully exported their ecological products, processes and services
-More emphasis on environmental projects through sponsorship
-Impulse to continue improving environmental sustainability
-Boost in local pride and the feeling of belonging
-Participation in the European Green Capital Network
-Organization of national and international events (Opening Ceremony, Jury Meeting, EU Green Capital Awards Ceremony and Network Meetings)
-Assistance to prestigious international events.

The cities that have been Green Capital until now

2010: Stockholm
2011: Hamburg
2012: Victory
2013: Nantes
2014: Copenhagen
2015: Bristol
2016: Ljubljana
2017: Essen
2018: Nijmegen
2019: Oslo
2020: Lisbon
2021: Lahti
2022: Grenoble
2023: Tallinn
2024: Valencia


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