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The city of Valencia, World Design Capital in 2022, can be considered an epicenter of creativity and excellence in the field of graphic design, thanks to the presence of numerous renowned studios that stand out for their talent and creativity. Among these studios are Gimeno Gràfic, Lavernia&Cienfuegos, Ibán Ramón, David Cercós and PalauGea, who have contributed significantly to the flourishing of this industry in the region.

Gimeno Gràfic, with more than 30 years of experience in graphic design, has become a benchmark in the creation of visual identities, packaging and editorial design with projects carried out for brands around the world. Some of his works have become icons in the areas for which they were created. This is the case of the Tourist Symbol of the Valencian Community or the logo of the EMT, Municipal Transport Company of Valencia. Also others such as the Bancaja Foundation, the Valencià Museum of Ethnology, the well-known international brand Roca, or one of his latest works for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Agenda ES_ARQ. Within the evolution of the studio, the initial project has been transformed, adopting different names such as Gimeno and Lavernia in 1990 or Pepe Gimeno-Graphic Project in 1995, while the professionals who formed his team have changed. . With its consolidated structure, at the beginning of 2016 the decision was made to create a new company to integrate the five members of the team as partners. They have called this new project Gimeno Gràfic. A new project that maintains the same spirit and the same values that guided its foundation in 1986: the search for excellence and a firm commitment to the objectives, strategies and aspirations of its clients.

Lavernia&Cienfuegos, founded by two talented designers, Nacho Lavernia and Alberto Cienfuegos, is also known for its fresh and bold approach to graphic design, which together with its packaging designs, obtains spectacular results. The studio works in three main areas: Corporate Identity, Product Design and Packaging. Working in graphic design and product design allows them to master the expressiveness of two- and three-dimensional shapes and, in addition, transfer concepts and solutions from one field to another, which is stimulating and a source of innovative ideas. They have carried out recognized work for the Generalitat Valenciana such as the logo and packaging for the promotion of Valencian oranges and mandarins, the logo and corporate identity for the Valencia tourism brand, the packaging and graphics design of Suavina for Laboratorios Calduch or various packaging for the Zara brand from the international Inditex, among others.

On the other hand, Ibán Ramón, recognized for his versatility and creativity, has left his mark on a wide range of projects, from posters to editorial design and branding. Ibán Ramón Rodríguez has been a professional designer since 1994, but it was in 2001 when he created the design studio of which he is the owner, specialized in corporate graphics, editorial design and visual communication. He develops much of his work in the field of culture and institutional image, and also regularly collaborates with contemporary furniture, architecture and publishing companies. In his work he tries to establish a balance between craft, functionality and the search for contemporary solutions, always taking into account the use and the environment for which each project is developed. Some of his works have been recognized with awards such as LAUS, GRAFFICA, ADCV, GRAPHIS AWARDS, TDC New York and RED DOT, among others. Among them, the institutional campaign of the Valencian Community Day, Nou d’octubre 2022, the visual identity of Valencia World Design Capital 2022 or the posters and image of the Festa de la Carxofa 2023 for the Benicarló City Council stand out.

Democràcia is a strategic design studio with more than a decade of experience in Valencia, it stands out for its unique approach in creating branding work through visual language. In its studio, Democràcia works tirelessly to develop global brand experiences that achieve a perfect balance between image and word. What distinguishes them is their dissident and avant-garde style in the world of design. With a bold and creative perspective, they project images, movements, emotions, words and objects, always rooted in a solid concept and supported by their own graphic vision, offering branding solutions that transcend the ordinary and capture the essence of their brands in a unique way. and captivating. With its innovative approach and commitment to creative excellence, Democràcia® continues to be a benchmark in the world of strategic design. Her works include The offering to femininity, an integrative tribute to women in the Fallas festival for the Valencia City Council, the image for the ADCV awards for the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community, The identity and campaign “La finestra de l’Horta” for the Benimaclet neighborhood of Valencia or the design and machination of the book Historical Memory for the Diputació de València.

Also PalauGea, a multidisciplinary studio that develops graphic design projects closely linked to editorial design, providing a unique perspective to the national and international panorama. They share a passion for perfection in every detail of their projects. With a focus on simplicity and durability, PalauGea has left its mark as one of the most influential and global design and communication labels in the city of Valencia. Their influence is not just limited to their design work, as they are the editors of Gràffica magazine, a media outlet dedicated to visual culture that attracts a monthly audience of more than 350,000 readers. Gràffica is a source of daily information on culture, visual trends, illustration, technology, cinema, advertising, art, photography and much more. Since 2016, PalauGea has also brought its passion for visual culture to paper with a monographic magazine that addresses broader themes and has become a cult publication. Furthermore, its commitment to dissemination and training is reflected in complementary activities, such as the prestigious Gràffica Awards, which annually recognize outstanding projects and people in the world of visual culture.

The presence of these graphic design studios in Valencia not only enriches the local creative scene, but also contributes to promoting this field at a national level. With their talent and vision, these studios are contributing significantly to the creation of impactful visual identities, memorable brand experiences and innovative design solutions in a variety of fields. Valencia is in a privileged position to continue being a benchmark in the world of graphic design.


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