Ibán Ramón chosen to create the Falles de València brand



Ibán Ramón, the prominent Valencian designer and MArch lecturer who has recently been awarded several Laus awards, has been selected to design the corporate brand “Falles de València”.

This appointment is especially significant, as Ibán Ramón previously played a crucial role in the visual campaign for the Fallas in 2016, when they were bidding to be recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Furthermore, his participation in the creation of llibrets de falla for various commissions has maintained his close relationship with this traditional festival.

The creation of a distinctive brand for the Fallas de València represents an important step that not only highlights the relevance of this festival in Valencian culture, but also the growing importance of quality design in our society. In the context of the Fallas, this focus on design underlines the adaptation and modernization of the festival to make it more relevant and contemporary. The choice of Ibán Ramón to lead this project demonstrates his experience and commitment to high-level design, which will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the identity of the Fallas and its promotion both locally and internationally.

With a style that is characterized by its modern and avant-garde approach, which creatively fuses tradition with innovation, Ibán Ramón highlights his attention to detail and his ability to combine visual elements in a balanced and harmonious way. His use of typography is especially notable, as he seeks to convey messages effectively through the shape and style of the letters. Additionally, his ability to experiment with different techniques and mediums, such as illustration and photography, allows him to create visually striking and versatile designs.


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