Digital Composition Class



Throughout the course, classes related to graphic aspects linked to both architecture and design are developed, transmitting to students the knowledge necessary for good work in points that are considered of special relevance. Furthermore, during these months, they are encouraged to create their own language in this direction.

To do this, in the M01_Comunicar module, they have Digital Composition, where they delve into the Adobe InDesign program, a powerful software tool designed specifically for the layout and design of publications, both printed and digital, and which at the same time offers a wide range of range of capabilities that allow you to create attractive and well-structured visual materials.

With it they will learn layout, workflow with images, typographic design; They will learn to create styles and templates and see examples with different types of composition to be able to judge them and develop a critical eye that allows them to choose the most appropriate solutions for each project they have to face.


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