Workshop Thinking Through Making



Starting the M02_Research, and led by Gino Brollo, member of the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio and part of the team in charge of the creative development of NIU Houses, the Thinking Through Making Workshop took place these days.

In these sessions, students will investigate different techniques for creating models in the conceptual phase: sculpture and plastic, in addition to learning the bases of fusion. Students have the opportunity to work with different materials to shape their ideas.

Working in architecture through the creation of models is essential, since it allows ideas and concepts to materialize in a tangible way. Thinking with your hands facilitates spatial and structural understanding, stimulating creativity and problem solving. Mockups are an invaluable tool, as they help visualize and perfect designs, guaranteeing better communication with clients and work teams.

In this workshop, the importance of models as a fundamental part of the architectural design process is conveyed to MArch students, enhancing quality and precision in each project.


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