First prize in UPorto’s international competition for NOARQ



The Portuguese studio NOARQ, with its director Zé Carlos Nunes de Oliveira, has been recognized with the first prize in the international public design competition for the Asprela student residence belonging to the Universidades do Porto. The resolution of the competition was made public on May 25.

It stands out for the criteria that have been taken into account when designing, such as sustainability and integration, both with the parameters of a new architecture consistent with the environment, as well as with the site of the competition. A building with a very marked rhythm, with a strong presence of vertical lines, among which is born vegetation that not only allows it to establish a clear relationship with the exterior, also characterized by the existence of hedges, trees and other plant species, but also contributes to make the building adapted to the Green criteria so pursued now.

This award is added to a series of prizes that this young studio has already won in a short period of time, such as the bridge over the Duero River or the competition for the construction of an elevator in Vigo that has been baptized as Halo and that has obtained, since the completion of the works, the recognition of the critics and a remarkable diffusion that has resulted in the appearance of a new icon for the city.


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