Postgraduate in Industrialised Architecture



The MArch Postgraduate in Industrialised Architecture seeks to establish a direct connection between the practice of architecture and its industrialisation and transformation.

Training is carried out through hands-on activities that allow students to systematise and apply their technical knowledge to the development of the different phases of the industrial process, from the initial prototyping phases to the execution of the project and quality control.

Knowledge is enhanced by the direct experience of the renowned professionals who participate in the programme, as well as with trips and visits.

The programme of 40 ECTS lasts from October to October and it’s aimed at last year students, graduates or professionals of architecture, building engineering, interior design, product design, or other technical and creative disciplines. It is compatible with other training and professional activities since the group is proposed for Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The activities of the programs are grouped into different modules by areas of knowledge. Each of these modules is made up of workshops, presentations and trips that allow hands-on activities to be combined with theoretical capsules.
These modules are concluded with a final module that offers students the opportunity to develop a global project over the duration of the entire course.

Systematisation and Design
Systems integration
Final Module

You can find more detailed information about the modules here


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