Francesc Rifé designs the new Scalpers store



The new Scalpers flagship store in Seville, which seeks to become the brand’s flagship, is surrounded by local architecture from the city where the brand was born, in the vicinity of architectural complexes as influential in the city as the well-known “Mushrooms” “, structure designed by Jurgen Meier in the Plaza de la Encarnación.

The new space features an innovative design developed by the studio of renowned designer and MArch speaker Francesc Rifé. To create the project, three main materials were used: textured tombstone paint, stainless steel and bone oak, the result of the contrast of the immediate environment where the store is located, which combines traditional and modern elements.

The entire design revolves around the company logo, which is reflected on the ground floor, where a central oval appears to represent a skull, and on the first floor, where the furniture embraces and creates a central column. Two central pillars. An element that is reminiscent of the tibia that appears in the logo.

The store’s design relies on curved edges that soften the edges and continuous Weber flooring, except in the tailoring, fitting room and denim areas where herringbone wood flooring is used. On the other hand, mirrors and steel are used to highlight the pillars. In short, Rifé gives the store a very powerful, relevant, yet timeless image that helps highlight the products for sale.


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