Tossols-Basil Bath Pavilion



Among the poplar trees bordering the Fluvià River in Tussols-Basil is a discreet bathing pavilion, designed by RCR Arquitectes, which offers services to bathers enjoying the natural environment. The structure of the pavilion, of simple appearance, is made up of a single longitudinal volume, slightly curved to follow the sinuous contour of the river bed. In front, a raised platform reproduces the geometry of the pavilion, extending its presence in a harmonious way.

Inside the pavilion, three identical pieces containing toilets and showers are distributed, along with a fourth, larger piece intended for a bar. The smaller pieces are made of stainless steel sheet with a sandblasted finish, contrasting with the rest of the pavilion, which is made of sheet metal with an oxidized finish, thus highlighting its formal uniqueness. The pavement, on the other hand, is composed of black-dyed concrete and quartz, while the roof, also metallic, is made of zinc.

Both the access platform and the main body reinforce their longitudinal shape through the use of steel platforms, welded parallel to the edges of the floors. This meticulous design and choice of durable materials reflect the care and attention to detail that characterizes the work of the 2017 Pritzker Prize winners.

This is one of the projects that MArch Advanced program students have the opportunity to visit during the development of the Feeling the Place Workshop, directed by RCR Arquitectes themselves, in Olot.


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