A new rehabilitation project by Emilio Tuñón is inaugurated.



The studio of Emilio Tuñón, recently awarded with the National Architecture Award 2022, has inaugurated its latest project; institutional headquarters of Arquia Banca, located at number 16 Tutor Street in Madrid. The historic building, with 5 floors and almost 1,700m2, has been refurbished to preserve its original facade while taking care of a contemporary design style typical of the office.

The structure, in addition to housing an auditorium and a large interior courtyard, houses the entity’s general services and the offices of the private banking team, as well as the prestigious Arquia Foundation dedicated to the dissemination and conservation of high-value architectural cultural heritage. All this while having a high energy rating that maximizes the efficiency of its facilities.

The inauguration of the project was accompanied by the “Sharing Experience” meeting on November 30. This event, organized by the foundation, is a space moderated by Luis Fernández-Galiano to reflect on the direction of the architectural profession in the world today; where great minds such as Jacques Herzog, Rafael Moneo, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Fuensanta Nieto, Antonio Ortiz, Carme Pinós, Eduardo Souto de Moura, and Emilio Tuñón were brought together.


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