Lebond Watches, the watches designed by Pritzker Prize winners



Recently the MArch students have enjoyed, within the Module 05_Product, the visit of Asier Mateo, architect CEO of the watch company Lebond, who has shared with them his professional experience and how he has managed to develop a successful company of watches designed by architects.

With a career that has taken him from Paris to New York, and as a result of his desire to improve professionally, Asier Mateo is an excellent example of how to transform a profession and enter a hitherto unexplored market niche, creating a product that in just three years has managed to position itself as a prestigious brand recognised by architects all over the world. Its distinctiveness lies precisely in the fact that it is a product clearly focused on architects and, moreover, designed by architects. Specifically, by Pritzker Prize winners. So far, the authors have been Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura, but new designs are already in the offing and, although it has not been possible to reveal the names of the next architects involved for reasons of confidentiality, it is certain that they will be internationally renowned figures.

In the classroom, the students have had the opportunity to see the design and creation process of both the watch and the packaging, which also enjoys great relevance and care, seeking excellence in all aspects. Each watch, like the packaging that accompanies it, is an excellent and exemplary creative exercise that serves to inspire all those students who have similar projects.


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