Exhibition of Juan Domingo Santos at the Palazzo Gravina in Naples



“Lo spazio dell’ideazione. Itinerari e architetture di Juan Domingo Santos” is the title of the exhibition that recently took place at the Palazzo Gravina in Naples, specifically in the ambulatory of the Architecture Library, belonging to the University of Naples Federico II, which maintains an agreement with the University of Granada.

This exhibition has been curated by Adriana Bernieri and Carmen Moreno and it shows the relationships between Hadrian’s Villa, the Alhambra and the San Isidro Sugar Mill. Through drawings, models, books and other graphic documentation, this thread and the almost permanent ties that unite the Granada architect and MArch speaker with the Alhambra are shown, as well as the development of what can be considered his crowning work, the recovery of the old Sugar Mill of San Isidro. The exhibition also reorganized the architect’s ideas and established a connection between his work and his commitment to protecting properties like the Azucarera itself from speculation and bad politics.

In his poetry, Juan Domingo Santos carries out research and projects on the regeneration of the urban and extra-urban landscape, with the aim of creating new living spaces for contemporary society and new work and interaction environments. Current events and history are intertwined in a common path of valorization of the Andalusian territory.


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