What professional opportunities does studying the MArch Advanced master’s degree in Architecture, Design and Business Administration provide?



Specializing through the MArch Advanced Master’s in Architecture, Design and Business Administration is a very good option that allows you to develop and practice the profession from different points of view. Below we list the most frequent professional opportunities or the most common applications:

Establishment of your own studio. The MArch Advanced Master’s provides you with the necessary tools and in-depth knowledge of the business world so that you can establish your architecture or design studio from the point of view of a business or company, seeking profitability in all cases without leaving aside the essence. creativity that characterizes our professions. The training obtained will allow you to:

– Develop projects. The organizational structure acquired will allow you to tackle different projects simultaneously, making the time of each of them profitable. Architecture, interior design, graphic or product projects.
– Develop contests. Strategic knowledge when facing competitions will also be useful to get the most out of them.

Join a working studio. The knowledge acquired in this program will allow you to perform highly useful functions in an already established studio. From responsibilities associated with customer acquisition, to the internal organization of both human and financial resources.

Real estate advisor. The MArch Advanced Master’s provides the necessary training to acquire knowledge related to the purchase and sale of real estate, one of the most sought-after professional opportunities in the sector. Among the functions it can offer is advice on the location of a property, something that companies often need to determine where they can attract more clients. When purchasing a property, he is also responsible for determining the value of the asset by researching the market and the competition and, given his training, he has the advantage of being able to offer his services for a possible renovation.

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