The IVAM of Valencia celebrates an exhibition with the works of La Nave



From this March 9 to September 10 you can visit an exhibition at the IVAM where some of the most representative works of La Nave are exhibited, which marked a before and after in Valencian design.

In the 80s, a group of graphic and product designers was in operation that was very prolific and from which names such as Nacho Lavernia emerged, who, together with his current studio Lavernia&Cienfuegos, is a speaker at the MArch programs.

This collective calls itself La Nave and was a group of Spanish designers active in Valencia between 1984 and 1991. It was made up of eleven professionals (Eduardo Albors, Paco Bascuñán, José Juan Belda, Carlos Bento, Lorenzo Company , Sandra Figuerola, Marisa Gallén, Luis González, Luis Lavernia, Nacho Lavernia and Daniel Nebot) from different disciplines: industrial designers, graphics, painters, architects and surveyors who carried out individually or in groups the different orders received for architecture, industrial design, illustration , graphics, interior design, etc. They occupied the same work space on San Vicente street and shared their experiences. Its birth and development coincided with the ‘Nou Disseny Valencià’ and the appearance of new demands among companies.

You can find all the information about the exhibition aquí


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