Photoshooting Workshop



During the past week, students from the various MArch programs had the opportunity to participate in an exciting Photoshooting workshop under the direction of the prominent architect and master in interior design Marta Andrés.

Marta Andrés, whose career includes creative direction roles for leading international brands in the sector, contributed her experience and knowledge to this workshop.

The workshop was developed in two fundamental parts. First, a theoretical class was held in which each group of students explored in depth the essential processes involved in carrying out a photoshooting session. In addition, inspiring examples of projects carried out by leading architecture and design firms were presented, providing students with valuable insight into best practices and current trends in this creative field.

The practical exercise is divided into four fields: Interior design, focusing on carrying out a photoshoot taking advantage of the classroom as an interior space; Architecture, making use of a 70 square meter housing prototype from NIU Houses located in the courtyard of the Espai Alfaro; Exterior, holding the session in the patio itself, and product, using Gandia-Blasco furniture designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos and which gives shape to the Blau collection. This experience provided students with a valuable practical understanding of architectural and design photography, allowing them to apply their knowledge creatively in various contexts.


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