The NOARQ studio with Zé Carlos Oliveira at MArch



We recently had the presence of the director of the Portuguese studio NOARQ, Zé Carlos Oliveira, recent winner of the project for the Vigo viewpoint and the new bridge over the Douro River in Porto.

Zé Carlos Oliveira is an architect who also enjoys the privilege of having been trained under Siza, a studio of which he began to be a part fifteen years ago. A few years ago he decided to establish his own studio based in Porto and also in Trofa from which he has developed works on a personal basis, all of them loaded with a very marked language.

He is an architect who likes to generate debate, who is interested in designing the whole. He experiments with materials and solutions for each case, but what really interests him is building the place, building the fabric and also the object. Everything is very well thought out, and his works show a continuous approach, which is not concrete or immediate, to design.

In addition to sharing with us the latest projects carried out, he has also participated in the supervision and correction of the construction details that the students, within the 03_Build module, have been developing.


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