Halo: Noarq’s New Futuristic Elevator that Will Transform Vigo



Vigo is about to experience an architectural revolution with the construction of Halo, a futuristic elevator that promises not only to improve pedestrian connectivity between García Barbón and Vía Norte but also to become an emblem of innovation and design. This project, the result of collaboration between NOARQ, Arenas&Asociados and AM2 Arquitectos, has been unanimously selected for its ability to merge functionality with aesthetics, falling within the ambitious “Vigo Vertical”.

Halo is not a simple elevator; It is a building, a connecting point, and a work of art that redefines the urban landscape. Its innovative design promises to become a halo of light, especially at night, illuminating the horizon with its unique ring shape. During the day, its white color and clean lines will harmonize with the environment, providing luminosity and a touch of modernity.

The project is designed to facilitate mobility in one of the busiest areas of the city, efficiently connecting two key points and promoting dynamism in commerce and leisure. Its pedestrian design includes two wide walkways that will allow the constant flow of people, even adapting to the needs of social distancing.

In addition to reducing waiting times with its two elevators, Halo integrates sustainability into its design thanks to the incorporation of wind turbines that provide it with energy self-sufficiency. But what really sets Halo apart is its ability to be a destination in itself. With both indoor and outdoor areas, it will offer one of the best viewpoints in Vigo, with spectacular views of the estuary.

The aesthetics of the project have been carefully selected so that Halo is not only functional but also a piece of contemporary and minimalist art, with the predominant use of white and glass, and decorations that play with light and shadows throughout the day. .

This project will not only improve connectivity and mobility in Vigo but will also become a symbol of the city, an example of how architecture and innovation can transform urban space and the lives of its inhabitants. Vigo, with Halo, takes a firm step towards the future, positioning itself at the forefront of modern architecture.


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