15th Anniversary of Gràffica



Ana Gea and Víctor Palau, MArch speakers, are celebrating, as their Gràffica project, fully consolidated worldwide, is now 15 years old. It was in 2009 when they began their journey in digital format, heir to a previous project developed by Víctor Palau that had up to 15,000 readers. In 2016 they also began to give physical form to their publications, creating the magazine Gràffica.

In the last 15 years, there have been more than 15,000 news items that have seen the light through Gràffica, in addition to audiovisual content, posts on networks, etc… giving rise, in these 15 years, to a large amount of information, as well as as well as changes and evolutions experienced and witnessed. The commemoration of this anniversary is reflected in print in issue 33 of their magazine, an issue in which they review all these years of design and visual culture in Spain, taking a tour of all the disciplines, protagonists and contents that have formed part of the entire history of Gràffica, passing through the main milestones and news. A period of time that is framed in 128 pages where readers will find memories, analysis, reflection and debates about the past, present and future.

In addition, they include 15 extraordinary interviews with the protagonists of their next adventure, “The Future of Yesterday,” a documentary that will soon be released and of which you can already see the trailer. A documentary that, through different voices that make up, in the broadest way, the national panorama of visual culture and creativity, analyzes the past and future, and also the present.


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