Architecture project with Estefanía Soriano



In these weeks, the M03_Construir module has begun with the help of Estefanía Soriano, who has taught the sessions related to the Architecture Project. During them, he has shared with the students the different phases of development of a project, focusing on the processes carried out and the agents involved in them and at the same time he has shown the methodology that is carried out from the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio since that a new project is contracted until it is executed, affecting both the conceptual work and the costs of each section.

It has also introduced the applicable regulations and the tasks carried out by the study to comply with them, as well as the platforms through which the necessary documentation can be obtained to become aware of how the corresponding regulations should be applied in each project and What are the parameters to take into account or that are relevant to begin to shape our proposals.

Another of the points addressed in these classes has been the work system for the production of documentation and the presentation and storage system for the organization of the content of each project.

Estefanía Soriano is an architect from the ETSAV, having the best record in her class, she has been a teacher at the UPV in the subject of Architectural Projects and since 2014 she has been part of FSA, where she is currently an associate and director of one of the studio’s project teams. . She has directed projects such as the Hofmann House or the Espejo de Agua House and is currently coordinating new residential projects in the development phase. Her knowledge of the field of architecture (management, construction…) is extensive and it is worth highlighting her passion for detail and perfectionism in each task she develops.


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