Trip to Porto



From March 9 to 11, MArch program students had the opportunity to visit Porto and see some works by Pritzker Prize winners Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura, as well as projects by MArch Zé architects and speakers. Carlos Oliveira, from Noarq Studio, and Correia/Ragazzi. Furthermore, the latter, together with António Choupina, contributed with various interventions throughout the stay to enrich the experience.

Among the projects visited are the FAUP, one of Álvaro Siza’s largest works in Porto; also the Marés pools in Matosinhos and the Serralves museum, where they could contemplate the expansion of the facilities designed by Siza and recently inaugurated. Other Siza projects visited have been the social housing of Bouça, the Abade Pedrosa sculpture museum in Santo Tirso, in which Eduardo Souto de Moura also participated, and, for the first time, they were lucky enough to visit the Leiça Monastery in Balio and the Igreja de Santa Maria in Marco de Canaveses.

Correia/Ragazzi opened the doors of one of his projects, not yet completed, and also of a religious nature: La Igreja em Meinedo, as well as his most personal project, the Quinta de Velude. On the other hand, Zé Carlos Oliveira did the same with the Municipal Chamber of Trofa.

It is an experience in which MArch students have been able to visit works, in some cases not always accessible, and in others accessible but with the accompaniment of professionals who in some way have been linked to them during their development or construction, contributing very positive points of view for a better understanding of architecture and its creators.


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