Photography Workshop with RCR Arquitectes



Between July 3 and 15, the XI edition of the International Photography Workshop will take place in Olot, directed by the winners of the Pritzker RCR Arquitectes.

During it, students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of photography and the representation of space at the hands of the prestigious architectural photographer Hisao Suzuki. This workshop is aimed at people trained in any creative discipline.

The aim is to expand theoretical and practical knowledge about photography in the representation of space and architecture, starting from the approach to the work of RCR Arquitectes and the photography of Hisao Suzuki. The exercises combine reflection on the work process and its implementation from a conscious approach to space and everything that surrounds us, thus contributing to the awakening of the senses and stimulating the creation of communicative, adaptable images also to the new digital formats and social media trends, and that make us experience, want to touch, listen and be in this place.

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