Lecture by Cassandra Carvas at MArch



The Portuguese architect Cassandra Carvas, linked to the Manuel Aires Mateus studio, where she also serves as coordinator of the Aires Mateus Workshop offered by the MArch graduate school, and co-founder of the Carvasmachado studio, has given a presentation at the Center Octubre to the students of the different MArch programs.

In this presentation, topics such as the careful selection of projects to include in the portfolio, the coherent organization of content, the importance of the narrative behind each project, and how to highlight relevant skills and achievements, as well as advice on how to present work clearly and concisely, using high-quality images, detailed descriptions and, in some cases, physical mock-ups or renders.

Strategies were addressed to adapt the portfolio to different audiences and purposes, whether to search for employment, present to potential clients or to promote oneself through digital platforms. Current trends in portfolio design and the technological tools available to create high-impact presentations were also discussed. On this occasion, Cassandra Carvas has provided guidance and practical advice on how to effectively present the creative and professional work produced by students. This type of presentation focuses on highlighting each person’s skills, projects, and experience through a visually attractive and well-structured portfolio.


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