Workshop with Aires Mateus for MArch Advanced students



During the last week, the students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration are doing the last workshop of the course, which takes place in Lisbon, in the studio of the renowned and award-winning architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

It, directed by said architect, is in turn coordinated by Cassandra Carvas, who throughout the week guides the students in the development of the exercise and accompanies them to visit some of the projects carried out by the studio in Lisbon and its surroundings. proximities. This year they have visited projects in Grândola and Melides.

As for the exercise, it proposes as a statement an approach to a place and the development of a project in it, one of the strong points being the process of materializing ideas, placing special emphasis on working on models and the different forms of graphic representation that can help communicate what is proposed.


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