MArch allies with Viabizzuno for its 4 Stagioni project



The MArch Graduate School of Architecture and Design has partnered with the Italian lighting company Viabizzuno in the project that it has created and baptized with the name of 4Stagioni. It consists of creating showrooms in the flagships they have in Valencia or Madrid, taking the four seasons as a premise, one for each season.

The jury of the contest has won the proposal “Scaena Vitae”, by the architect Gabriela Schinzel.

The project guidelines for the exhibition space of the Viabizzuno store in Valencia arise from a critical stance that reflects the current global historical-cultural context in which we live, while we continue to face the obstacles of the pandemic. Derived from this view, the name of the space is given by Scaena Vitae, of Latin origin and means “The stage of life”.

What is truly essential? Will the period of confinement we live in fall into oblivion? Is man the center of the world? Do we have control of anything in this universe?

Internalizing these current latent themes and understanding that it is through light that the quality of an aesthetic-poetic space capable of expressiveness and communication is achieved, this space emerges as an invitation to the viewer for sensory experimentation, that also values ​​an intimate relationship between the poetic aspects and the technical aspects, and mainly, the users.


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