Emilio Tuñón and Barozzi Veiga at the La Rioja Heritage Conference



The Emilio Tuñón National Architecture Prize and the Mies Van Der Rohe Barozzi/Veiga Prize, both MArch speakers, have been the subject of study at the XXII Heritage Intervention Conference held in La Rioja and which have focused on the small scale , going from a hotel to a house.

The experience of both in heritage interventions has followed different paths, but with excellent results. On the part of Emilio Tuñón, various projects in Cáceres, for example (from the Atrio hotel to homes), are a good example, while in the case of Barozzi / Veiga, his experience at the Brunico Music School stands out.

These conferences are organized by the Official College of Architects of La Rioja and bring together around 150 architects and professionals related to the sector at the La Rioja Library. In addition to the projects by Emilio Tuñón and Barozzi/Veiga, others by Spanish, as well as Italian and Portuguese, colleagues are also on display.

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