MArch in AD Design Icons



In the 19th edition of AD Design Icons, the MArch School alumni Juan David Ocampo has been nominated, among other candidates. With Menguante, a Lighting design proposal that seeks to involve traditional crafts and techniques, but at the same time merge them with the industry, he has obtained this selection from one of the most recognized editorial media.

As Juan David Ocampo himself expresses in an interview published on the Architectural Digest website, one of Menguante’s starting points is found in one of the workshops held during the MArch master’s degree in architecture, design and innovation. This is the Gandia-Blasco workshop, where students have the opportunity to design elements, which can end up becoming furniture design or also lighting products, and which in the past, in some cases, have ended up being prototyped and even presented at the Milan Fair itself.

This award is granted to the most outstanding design in Latin America in various categories, under the authority of the AD Editorial Board. This ceremony continues to play a fundamental role in fostering the development of the creative scene and is an essential element in its evolution. In addition, it takes advantage of the experience accumulated over more than a century with the aspiration of turning design into a fundamental component to improve people’s quality of life.

The fields in which awards are distributed are the following: Residential Architecture, Restoration Architecture, Public Architecture, Residential Interior Design, Corporate Interior Design, Furniture Design, Object Design, Hotel Design, Restaurant Design, Retail Design, Sustainable Design, Revelation of the Year and Award for Interior Visualization by Daltile.

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