PalauGea, creators of the news medium Gràffica, at MArch



The PalauGea creative studio, made up of Ana Gea and Víctor Palau, has visited MArch to share their experience on graphic design and product design.

Known for their versatility and multidisciplinary approach, they showcased some of the most notable projects they have worked on from their design studio. Giving students the opportunity to learn from their ability to adapt to different styles and respond to a wide variety of clients.

In turn, the duo shared their projects dedicated to the dissemination and communication of concepts and design. Among these Gràffica, the most visited design website in Spanish in the world; Öbjetto, a platform dedicated to product design, architecture, interior design and exhibitions; and Mússica, a space to explore new releases, culture, lifestyle and trends in the world of music. Yo can visit their website here.


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