Gimeno Gràfic designs the logo of the innovative Comic Museum of Valencia: Micharmut



In 2023, the city of Valencia will be home to the new comic and graphic novel museum, Micharmut. The museum pays tribute to Juan Enrique Bosch, a Valencian illustrator with wide recognition in the sector. The museum’s collection is expected to start with around 30,000 pieces, spanning a wide range of genres and styles that will appeal to the interest of amateurs and professionals alike.

Pepe Gimeno, founder of the Gimeno Gràfic studio and winner of the National Design Award in 2020, has been in charge of designing the image and logo that will become the hallmark of the Micharmut Museum. .

This Valencia Comic Museum represents an important milestone in the dissemination and preservation of the art of comics and graphic novels in Spain. With the experience and vision of Gimeno Gràfic, Micharmut is destined to become a cultural benchmark in Valencia and a meeting place for comic book lovers from all over the world.


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