Inauguration of La casa de la arquitectura



This week the opening ceremony of “La Casa de la Arquitectura” took place in Madrid, a new space that represents an important milestone for the Spanish architectural community. The inauguration brought together architects, local authorities and art lovers, presenting exhibitions that highlighted iconic works and the evolution of Spanish architecture.

“La Casa de la Arquitectura” seeks to become an epicenter for architecture, hosting events such as conferences and workshops for professionals and the general public. The institution also focuses on preserving architectural heritage while promoting innovation and collaboration in the field. The main exhibition, “Cities of walking around the house”, has been co-curated by Daniel Rueda, MArch alumni, together with Anna Devís, and shows a selection of the photographs with which they have achieved notable popularity. You can see more here.

The institution aims to foster a deeper appreciation of architecture and design, while providing a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work. Its inauguration marks an exciting future for Spanish architecture and is expected to become a reference center for those interested in architecture and design.


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