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This week the Drawing Architecture workshop begins, directed by Estudio Agraph, a renowned team led by Patricia García and Daniel López, at the Espai Alfaro facilities. In this workshop, students have the opportunity to learn about new existing software tools in the world of architectural visualization and image processing.

One of the main tools explored in this workshop is Adobe Photoshop, essential for any design professional. Students will learn not only to master the basic functions of Photoshop, but also to take full advantage of its capabilities to enhance and transform architectural images. In addition to the technical mastery of Photoshop, the workshop also delves into fundamental concepts of visual composition, the effective use of color, and the importance of image positioning. Through practical exercises and theoretical discussions, they will explore creative strategies to effectively communicate their ideas through images.

What makes this workshop truly special is the vast experience that Estudio Agraph has accumulated over the years in the field of architectural imaging. This experience is transmitted to students through a gradual and adaptable learning approach to different skill levels and graphic styles, following a comprehensive work methodology that ranges from rendering with VRay to a wide range of post-production techniques in Photoshop.


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