Module 01_Communicate: Community Management Sessions



Within the 01_Communicate module, the students of this new edition of MArch have begun to delve deeper and work on Community Management strategies.

Community management in architecture and design is essential today, focusing on managing online and offline communities to encourage participation, promote projects and establish strong relationships. Their key roles include promoting projects through social networks, blogs and specialized pages; facilitate interaction with the audience to obtain valuable feedback; Maintain a positive brand image by presenting previous work and managing criticism constructively. Additionally, creating a community in these fields encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Effective management can generate job opportunities, strategic alliances and keep the community informed about the latest trends and developments in architecture and design. As students will see from this module, community management goes beyond marketing, helping to establish solid relationships, generate opportunities and maintain an engaged community.

Sara Atienza has a degree in ADE (Business Administration and Management) and a master’s degree in Marketing and Finance from ESIC, one of the most prestigious business schools in Spain. Since 2018 she has been part of the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos team. She is currently the Communications Director of FSA, MArch, NIU Houses and Threeseven, where in addition to applied marketing and communications with the media, she is also responsible for photoshooting, coordinating them and working alongside brands and clients.


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