The MArch classroom, former studio of the sculptor Andreu Alfaro



Andreu Alfaro was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century in Spain, with a public work that transcended its borders and has reached Venice, New York, Frankfurt and other European cities. Additionally, many of his sculptures can be found in permanent museum collections.

For the MArch school it is wonderful to be able to use its old workshop and have given it a new life as an educational center, since it is very inspiring to enjoy it. It is a space of approximately 7000 square meters located in Godella (Valencia, Spain) that is now a multidisciplinary space shared between Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the Alfaro Hofmann Collection, the Andreu Alfaro Legacy and the MArch postgraduate school. It stands as a place of great historical and artistic value with a design that reflects the influence of the sculptor and his focus on geometry and structural simplicity; a spacious and bright space, with characteristics that encourage creativity and collaboration between the professionals who work there.

Going deeper into the school, classes take place in a space that was originally his studio, a place easily recognizable by a central column where Andreu Alfaro shaped many of his sculptures; where he drew the eight pieces that are located in New York or where he created the doors of the Spanish pavilion at the Venice Biennale. It is an open space of 100 square meters distributed around a central column in which two lines of tables accommodate students from the different MArch groups. Where originally there were planar furniture, now there are cabinets where students keep their work. Where prototypes of some sculptures used to be located, models are now found.

A space that has been transformed to continue maintaining the life of a place in which creativity has always played a capital role.


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