Lecture by Fran Silvestre at MArch



The renowned architect and director of the MArch programs, recently awarded three German Design Awards, has been in charge of giving the first presentation of those that make up the 2023 2024 academic year. It took place in the auditorium of the Center Octubre, also inaugurating this space in the context of the school.

In his conference, Fran Silvestre shared some of the most relevant projects developed by the studio to date, such as the House on the Cliff, the Atrium House, the Hofmann House, the Balint House or the projects carried out around NIU Houses and the different models of houses that make them up. Likewise, she has revealed some details of the work processes in each case, delving into aspects that usually do not transcend the project but that, nevertheless, also contribute to enriching it.

The students’ interventions gave rise to greater learning in different aspects, such as the systematization processes carried out in NIU Houses, or the work of regulatory management in the town councils.


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