Lavernia & Cienfuegos redesigns the packaging of Utopick Chocolates



The Utopick chocolate house, after having relied on the services of Lavernia & Cienfuegos a few years ago for the design of the packaging of its products, have once again contacted the National Design Award studio for the re-elaboration of the packaging of their chocolates.

For the occasion, they have designed a cardboard box that can be used in two different ways and that meets the customer’s requests: Being an attractive gift, which would attract attention on the shelf and not be discarded immediately, but rather the opposite. , to invite them to stay at the client’s house with the double objective of making it a little more sustainable and keeping it visible to him for longer. The proposed design is a box in the iconic shape of a house, a house, and a circular window so customers can see the product inside. The color is restricted to the ceilings and is created in a manner similar to the packaging for the company’s line of bean-to-bar chocolates. The houses also have the added benefit of having a longer lifespan because it can be used as a children’s toy or room decoration after the product has been used. The product packaging is made of biodegradable PP bags and recycled cardboard for the boxes.


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