Ibán Ramón redesigns the logo of homu arquitectos



The architecture studio based in Valencia and known as Homu Arquitectos is made up of Pedro Martínez, Belén Plá and Javier Hernández. Pedro and Belén attended the first edition of MArch and at the end of their academic training, they decided to form a studio together. From then until today they have grown a lot professionally, developing high-quality projects and creating a brand in the city.

To reinforce this brand, they have had the collaboration of the graphic designer and also a speaker for MArch Ibán Ramón, who has been in charge of redesigning its visual identity.

The imagotype is an exercise in abstraction created from three identical strokes that resemble an ideogram of oriental writing and a traditional Japanese architectural structure. The new logo transmits neutrality, normality and simplicity. It is applied in a much larger size compared to the other components of each support, creating a constant and forceful presence of the identifying element.

Photographs: Daniel Rueda


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