2024, centenary of the birth of Eduardo Chillida



All over the world, art lovers and followers of sculpture celebrate the centenary of the birth of one of the most influential and renowned sculptors of the 20th century, Eduardo Chillida. This year marks the centenary of the birth of this master of form and matter, and his legacy endures stronger than ever. Eduardo Chillida was born on January 10, 1924 in the city of San Sebastián, Spain.

His artistic career led him to explore the power and beauty of sculpture in a variety of materials, from iron to steel and wood. His iconic works, found in museums and public spaces around the world, are known for his ability to capture the essence of form and space.

The celebration of Chillida’s centenary is an opportunity to reflect on its impact on the world of art and contemporary sculpture. His focus on the relationship between sculpture and the surrounding space, as well as his search for the essence of form, continues to inspire artists and art lovers around the world. Several artistic institutions and museums have organized exhibitions and special events to commemorate the centenary of Chillida, as is the case of Chillida Leku. These exhibitions highlight the diversity of his work and his ability to create pieces that evoke deep emotions and thoughts.

In addition to his artistic legacy, Eduardo Chillida was also a defender of the dialogue between art and architecture. His collaborations with architects resulted in the creation of monumental sculptures that transformed urban landscapes and public spaces. Throughout his life, Eduardo Chillida received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the art world. His work has been praised for his ability to transcend material limitations and communicate a sense of eternity and spirituality.

On the centenary of his birth, Eduardo Chillida’s legacy continues to inspire and captivate generations of artists and art lovers around the world. His ability to bring matter to life and his deep understanding of the relationship between space and form ensure that his work will remain relevant and moving for many years to come.


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