BIM classes at MArch



Within the M03_Build module, a series of sessions dedicated to learning a digital tool that has become essential today and that facilitates the work process for professionals in the sector are developed: BIM (Building Information Modeling).

BIM is a methodology that uses technology to create and manage detailed information about an architectural project throughout its life cycle. Learning BIM allows students to understand how to integrate data and collaborate efficiently in a three-dimensional digital environment. This not only improves design accuracy, but also facilitates planning, coordination and decision-making during construction. In addition, the domain of BIM is increasingly requested by the industry, as it streamlines processes, reduces errors and optimizes efficiency in architectural and engineering projects.

They are taught by an expert in the subject, such as Salva Moret, architect from the UPV, founder of the Ensenyem Academy, from where training courses are taught in different programs related to architecture and design, and is also one of the greatest experts in BIM, which has earned him the status of the official instructor of the LinkedIn teaching platform (LinkedIn Learning).



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